Andy Sugg’s Coltrane Tribute at Bennetts Lane


Andy Sugg’s Coltrane Tribute/Book Launch featuring Sandy Evans (Sydney) & Zac Hurren (Brisbane)

7:30pm – Sunday 20th July – $20/$15

Presented by the MJC (Melbourne Jazz Co-operative) make sure you don’t miss  this special Andy Sugg book launch and gig.


Tenor saxophonist Andy Sugg is launching his new book The Influence of John Coltrane’s Music on Improvising Saxophonists, which was recently published in New York. Looking at jazz improvisation through the music of ’Trane, Dave Liebman and Jerry Bergonzi, it has been enthusiastically received in America and Europe (Sugg has already been invited to Paris and to New York to promote the book later this year).

To celebrate, Sugg has reassembled his group TTTenor to play music inspired by Trane, Lieb and Gonz. This time he is joined in the TTTenor frontline by two of Australia’s leading tenor saxophonists, in Sydney’s Sandy Evans and Brisbane’s Zac Hurren, with Joe O’Connor (piano), Djuna Lee (bass) and Chris Broomhead (drums).

Before the concert Sugg will give a free-entry 45-minute presentation on the book, at 7.30 pm, which will feature Evans and Hurren.

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club
25 Bennetts Lane, Melbourne



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