Jazz Jams all over the place

It is possible, although not necessarily wise, to attend the Castlemaine Jazz Jam and the Leinster Jazz Jam on the same day. After a fascinating debrief session with the Castlemaine volunteers, and some fine playing by Ade Ish, Chelsea Allen, Doug Kuhn, Bren Hamilton with at least half of Civil Bop, I sauntered in to the Gold Street Lizard Lounge at a somewhat late hour, to find the place in full cacophony, Sevil Sabah singing (of whom more later), the Captain, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse, the Reverend Kevin, Ali on sax, Messrs Paige, Moon and others on bass and even Ann Craig as the token musician, all romping through a toon or three. This sort of thing will never do, but fortunately disorder was soon restored and a pleasant evening ensued.

Not a large crowd, but, quite possibly, Hortense would have been hovering in the darkened recesses of the back bar, or not, as the case may be, taking in the sights whilst dreaming of karaoke triumphs long past. Or something.

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