Quirky Beverages!!!

Sweet Ade will be playing two gigs in July:

Tuesday, July 8. 8 – 10.30 pm. Open Studio. 204 High St., Northcote (almost oppposite Northcote Town Hall). Entry by donation. Crepes and drinks. http://openstudio.net.au

Saturday, July 19. 8 – 11 pm. Farouk’s Olive. 711 High St., Thornbury. Entry by donation. Amazing olives, bar snacks, quirky beverages.   www.farouksolive.com

It would be great if you could come along and support this unique and entertaining band, as well as “liking” our new Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sweet-Ade/1482312612000200

Marion Lustig leads Sweet Ade, a 7 piece jazz band featuring an unusual range of instruments including the recorder – a beautiful instrument used only too rarely in jazz.

The band takes non-traditional “trad” as its starting point but veers in many directions, exploring the possibilities of its unique mix of instruments. In addition to recorders in four sizes with distinctively different sounds, the instruments utilized are piano, piano accordion, washboard, drums, sousaphone, soprano and tenor saxophones, clarinet, banjo, “ganjo” and ukuleles, as well as vocal contributions from several band members. 

The band’s influences and repertoire include early Australian jazz (especially Ade Monsbrough after whom the band is named), jazz standards, klezmer, folk, Latin and more.

The band members are: Marion Lustig (recorders), Janet Arndt (vocals), Lisette Payet (piano, piano accordion, vocals, ukelele), Richard Opat (washboard, drums), Joe Kenyon (sousaphone), Peter Mason (saxophones, clarinet, vocals, ukelele) and Charley Farley (banjo,  “ganjo”, vocals). For the Farouk’s Olive gig, Lyn Thomas will be on piano. 


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