From Ade Ishs

I wonder if you would mind advertising this crowdfunding campaign for
the debut album by The ishs/Allen Project:
For those who aren’t familiar with crowdfunding, basically, this works
almost like a pre-order. What we need to get going to produce our
album is $4500. If you pledge a certain amount of money, at the
completion of the project, you will get a reward depending on the
level of support you have given. For example, for pledging $25, you
will get a signed CD delivered to you. This assumes that the $4500 is
reached. Otherwise, you will not lose any money (and sadly, we’d have
to abandon our project). So, really, there is nothing to lose. If any,
you are supporting a local act and you will be remembered for that! To
see what rewards are offered and make a pledge, visit

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