The Captain Chaos Sessions (Friday nights descend into light farce from 13th June onwards)

These will be held (for the rest of June at least) at The Leinster Arms – after yet another bunch of phone calls from people declaring they would never go to Rubys Music Room again we have cancelled the Ruby’s Sessions by mutual agreement with Rob. Another first.

Rob Cripps has decided to focus more on high end Musicians in the future, and is therefore no longer seeking the sorts of people we have been attracting to the sessions.

It has been an interesting 5 months – some highlights (for me, anyway) have been

Gentleman John Curtis sitting at the Steinway, completely incapable of wiping the huge smile off his dial ( it is a beautiful instrument to play…)

· Anne Hayres – her last session there in particular
· Ruby Rogers – ever the entertainer
· Phil Hayter’s exquisite sax
· Alex: a reformed man on tenor
· Ange Strickland: more, please.
· Celeste’s second gig, with a memorable opening of Dindi
· Sevil and Amy, both attracting good audiences, for good reason.
· The Captain – for not calling fours, but turning up every week to support or join the band.
· The Divine Miss Smith. Not just the dottiest gig of them all, but getting in the groove on drums. It’s supposed to be scat singing, not scatty singing. Oh well, have it your way…
· Jess: played herself into the ground on a double session. All class.
· Doug Kuhn : played the most sessions on bass, never missed a beat.
· Risa Khodani: anytime.
· And me, for having a ball.

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