The Leinster Arms – Friday Night sessions – a quiet little drink

This week, we will be putting our favourite French singer through her paces – Sonia Davoine has assembled an eclectic mix of Jazz standards, Bob Sedergreen flavoured vocalese, French, gypsy, and even Chinoise… all accompanied by the impeccable bass of Doug Kuhn, meself on keys, whoops I forgot to get a drummer yet, and a totally unsurprising appearance by Captain Chaos on sax.

Could work, you’ll have to be there to find out.

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival 2014

Smashed it. Totally.

Over 750 musicians and audience had a fine old time – left the locals a little gob-smacked, as most of them expected nothing, and even those who were in the know had little idea of just how good the week-end was going to be. Two of the venues sold out of food on the Saturday night, one did 500 covers over the weekend, and sleepy hollow was jumpin’ for two days. Still buzzing when we packed up on the Monday.

If I had to pick two highlights, it would be the enthusiasm and generosity of the many professional musicians who played; and the number of jammers past and present who came up and thanked the Committee – Linda Carpenter, John Hannah, Captain Chaos and meself. Waddya thank us for? – we just had a blast.

Plans are afoot for a 2015 Festival – some things we’ll do again (the jam sessions each night, the Masterclasses), some things we’ll do better (the Shuttle Bus, the programming and the pre Festival publicity) some things we’ll do entirely differently (the Ticketing and Box Office); and some things we will hope to keep going (the 60 volunteers who made it all possible).

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, The Captain is balancing the books, I am filling in the APRA forms, John has been touring the venues and getting feed back and has now reverted to his afternoon naps, and Linda is preparing the post Festival review.

Stay tuned!

From Ade Ishs

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From Jan Blake

Hello live music fans.

As most of you know our Fundraiser on Friday 4th July is building up to be a fantastic evening .! We have a great many muso’s who are giving聽 their time and money for this fantastic cause! The Isabella and Marcus Paediatric Brainstem Tumour Fund . You can find their website and facebook page … On 4th July Jazz on Main is presenting Jazz artists, Blues, Rock, Folk, country ,and pop musicians and singers.!

We are also auctioning off a new donated guitar so come prepared and possibly some other items! All proceeds will go to the Fund. They need $200,000 a year to keep the 3 labs functioning for the research into this fatal disease! We will try to continue fund raising after the 4th JUly ….extra donations will be gratefully recieved at any time !

Please email me privately if you want to send a cheque !聽 THIS EVENING WILL START AT 7.00PM due to the amount of acts that want to take part and culminate in a JazzJam

session !! Woohoo…should be a blast !!!

Jazz on Main
1st Floor ,106 Main st Lilydale
$15 pp…plus donations if you can !!
7.00pm till late.
Friday 4th July
Dance floor, lounge environment….come early for a couch聽 馃槈

Jan Blake 0411342337

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: this weekend

It all kicks off with a little Jam Session, at the Ticket Office on Friday night. By the time the last Band has finished on Sunday, there will have been 125 sessions played by 58 bands, involving 225 musicians, with 60 volunteers, seven venues, and, as best we can tell, over 500 people in town over the two days.

I have consistently opposed gun rights my entire life. Having now entered into dealings with APRA, I reserve the right to change my mind.

If you are planning to come, tickets are available from Friday onwards, at the Ray Bradfield Room. Cash, credit cards, and for all I know, Bulgarian Dinars accepted.

Weekend Passes
$75 (Adult)
$35 (Under 18, Concession Card Holders)

Day Passes
$40 (Adult)
$20 (Under 18, Concession Card Holders)

Children under 12 get in for free.

Tickets can still be purchased on the website. There are a whole bunch of featured bands in this week’s update. Check it out!

This Week’s Featured Artiste

Marg will be there! Also known as POCKOTL on account of having the bright idea of collecting e-mail addresses when the original Dizzy’s Jazz Club closed down. Marg has a startling propensity for leaping unexpectedly on to the nearest table, and dancing a Highland Fling or a Tango Criollo, possibly both simultaneously. Had it not been for the Princess of Cool and Keeper Of The List, there would have been no more jam sessions. Had it not been for the Jam Sessions, there would have been no Festival.

So if it all goes tits up and pear shaped, MARG IS TO BLAME!


The Leinster Arms – a deathly hush falls over the ancient and stately mouldering pile for one week only

Quite a pleasant prospect, really, but this week there will be NO JAM at the Leinster – on account of we have all gone to Castlemaine for the Jazz Festival.

So you will just have to eat toast instead…

Next week, of course, we will all be back to tell exaggerated tales, pass sly gossip and generally misbehave.

Not Forlorn For Long!

Two forlorn drummers and an even more forlorn saxophonist waited patiently for at least 20 minutes until others started to arrive. Mr T on guitar was first so at least we had chords. Then in walked Ivan with his double bass and before long John Curtis was sitting at the keyboard and the jam was truly under way. Chelly and Sonia provided vocal variety and Peter Cole added a further voice to the reed section. Two more bassist appeared, George and Andy, And Monty and Glen took their turns on the skins. Richard relieved John on the keyboard and Anne Smith and Buddy Love vocalised right at the end of the evening. Highlight was provided by Trevor who sang 16 Tons and showed he can cut it with the best.

No Jam on Sunday Many of us and most of the equipment will be at Castlemaine. Back as usual on the 15th


The Captain Chaos Sessions (Friday nights descend into light farce from 13th June onwards)

These will be held (for the rest of June at least) at The Leinster Arms – after yet another bunch of phone calls from people declaring they would never go to Rubys Music Room again we have cancelled the Ruby’s Sessions by mutual agreement with Rob. Another first.

Rob Cripps has decided to focus more on high end Musicians in the future, and is therefore no longer seeking the sorts of people we have been attracting to the sessions.

It has been an interesting 5 months – some highlights (for me, anyway) have been

Gentleman John Curtis sitting at the Steinway, completely incapable of wiping the huge smile off his dial ( it is a beautiful instrument to play…)

路 Anne Hayres – her last session there in particular
路 Ruby Rogers – ever the entertainer
路 Phil Hayter’s exquisite sax
路 Alex: a reformed man on tenor
路 Ange Strickland: more, please.
路 Celeste’s second gig, with a memorable opening of Dindi
路 Sevil and Amy, both attracting good audiences, for good reason.
路 The Captain – for not calling fours, but turning up every week to support or join the band.
路 The Divine Miss Smith. Not just the dottiest gig of them all, but getting in the groove on drums. It’s supposed to be scat singing, not scatty singing. Oh well, have it your way…
路 Jess: played herself into the ground on a double session. All class.
路 Doug Kuhn : played the most sessions on bass, never missed a beat.
路 Risa Khodani: anytime.
路 And me, for having a ball.