The Captain Chaos Session – it is on the move (again . . . )

This week, the inestimable Annie “Gorgeous in a blue frock” will be singing with Gentleman John Curtis at the pianola. Doug “Unflappable” Kuhn on bas and a fine band to boot.. but at the Leinster Arms instead of Ruby’s Music Room. A goodly turnout is the order of he day, what with FREE DRINKS being offered (at Bar prices).

Anne will be previewing her Castlemaine Jazz Festival programme, and you are all invited to come along, misbehave, cheer wildly and generally have a good time.

Should be a lot of fun, and as an added bonus I will be in Brisbane, so that’s all good!

Next week, there is no session at Ruby’s Music Room, as Rob will be chasing the burgeoning crowd from the Melbourne International Jazz Festival punters, all of whom will undoubtedly eschew the dubious allure of a variety of aged American Jazz greats who will be well past their use by dates and still charging like wounded bulls, whilst the rest of us will be having a good time at the Castlemaine Jazz Festival instead. What’s not to like?

Anne Hayres with Gentleman John Hayres, Doug Kuhn and the crew at The Leinster Arms, Friday evening from 6.00pm

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