The Lizard Lounge gets loud.. a short history lesson

Henry Ford famously said “History is bunk” and I, for one, have no clue what he was talking about. History, probably.

Sebastien, our loudest drummer, decided to break with tradition and played some smooth drums at a level which caused several glaziers in the front bar to contemplate a career change. And he swung beautifully, behind singers Chelly and Sonia. Decidely perverse, but he is French…

A relaxed Sunday Arvo, underpinned by Doug Kuhn and George on bass, a neat solo on Take The A Train from a pianist whose name I neglected to remember, Peter Cole ever improving on sax, and a fine effort at calling Fours from the Captain, who at least proved he could count to six…

This week, who knows – well you will if ya turn up, toon up and mangle a few . . .

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