The Lunatic Soup Lounge… ssh!

After the lively session last week, I half expected the back bar to be packed. Turns out I was half right, but it was the other half.

The smallish turnout got to enjoy an afternoon of Captain Chaos specials – very few singers in attendance, but a welcome return from Sebastien and the ever improving Paul Phillips on drums, some bizarre musical direction from Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Cavalry, and some fine bass work from George, and young Jonah. They are both booked for Ruby’s Music Room, of which more anon.

A late entrant was the Christine/Bruce quinella, well backed and did not disappoint. Hortense would have approved, had she been there, which she probably wasn’t due to a Prior Engagement. Sympathies to the Prior.

All in all, a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and although several of the Captain’s more obscure toons did lie somewhat mangled on the floor at the end of it, nobody suffered a permanent injury, which was nice.

Stick to the black notes – they’re cheaper!

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