Ruby’s Music Room, er… what?

Last week’s Captain Chaos session was cancelled. Unfortunately, no-one remembered to cancel the band… so, Brent (not saxaphone), Gentleman John Curtis (not piano), Spike Tiernan (no drumming) and Doug Kuhn (carrying his bass) duly assembled on the pavement at the appointed hour, and didn’t get to play. Grr!

Worse still, after Ann Hayres had to pull out with a cold (smart move as it turned out) Jan Blake volunteered to come all the way fromn Lilydale at short notice, and didn’t get to sing either. Which is a pity, because that would have been a pretty good line-up. Double grrr!

The Captain and I retired to the nearest Laksa bar from some conflab on the scheduling for the Jazz Festival.

Anyways, this week sees the return of the Divine Miss Smith, accompanied by GJC, Doug the bass and I am not sure who else. Hopefully this one will go ahead, because that is a pretty good line-up as well.

The Divine Miss Smith lights up Ruby’s Music Room. Bennetts Lane from 6.00pm to 8.00pm Friday 2nd May.

Next week, Celeste Polson, Kip Dale Bass, meself on piano

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