No Jam Session on Easter Sunday

Nada. Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Rien du tout. Go and have a beer with Glen instead.

Last week’s bash was big enough for two weeks anyway – started with a smart set by the Clarke gang, Roger and Rory in fine form. 25 musicians turned up, including young Jonah on double bass (Grade 8, precocious!) watched over by the Dave Taylor and Doug Kuhn brains trust – who declared themselves mightily impressed, and followed by guitarist Santiago (Colombia, via Denmark and Spain), Jason who didn’t come to play drums, but did, rather well, and singer Chris LeBon

A stylish afternoon all round, topped off by Christine Manetta singing Route 66, Keef playing some hot sax, Taariq putting in a few fine guitar riffs: props to les autres : Paul, The Captain (sax), Glen, Sebastien, Spike, Bruce, Paul (drums), Debbie (vocals), Trevor (harp), Gentleman John Curtis, Agus Batara and Bob (piano). Hardly got a note in edgeways.

See ya in a fortnight?

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