The Ludicrous Leinster Rocks!

And now, for something completely different…

At least one person rang the Captain to see if this really was the last Jam session – it wasn’t and I can’t believe we got away with that one (see last week’s preview…)

Perhaps that accounts for the 20+ musos who turned up this week – two bass, four drums, five sax, two pianists, Kevin the lone guitar, a floot, and seven singers come to mind. A session that ranged from mildly dysfunctional to extraordinary with a last set that just about blew the windows out.

Props to Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Horse who wore his fingers out on bass and played swing tunes, blues, ballads and latin with only the occasional foray into the opening bars of All Along The Watchtower. Notable contributions also from Antonello (Italia) and Murray (UK) on saxaphone, keeping the regulars honest.

A singer who shall remain nameless achieved the near impossible Double Sided, Small Print, Six Sheet manoeuvre without the use of cellotape, a feat previously considered near impossible, followed Kevin “he’s just a naughty boy” Blaze calling fours behind the Captain’s back. The poor Captain took at least five bars to recover his composure.

The Leinster Arms, Gold Street, Collingwood, Sunday, from 4.00pm

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