The Gold Street Gossip Shop Goes Off.. again

After a couple of quiet weeks in the world famous (well, Gold Street anyway) Lizard Lounge, everyone and his dog decided to turn up last Sunday. 25 musicians makes this the second largest session we have had, all of them young, talented and good looking, with the possible exception of meself, the Captain, Noel, Celeste, Chelly, the Divine Miss Smith, Sonya, Mike, Kepler, Spike, Sebastien, Bishop Bennett, Doug, Bob, Ben, the other Ben, (but I forget which was which) Gentleman John Curtis, Ian, Jeremy Le Frog, Keef in a hat, Glen (Il Duce to those in the know), Ian, Mr T, George, Frank and Andrew Lye.

Special mention to those last two – Frank came to his first jam in about 23 years and despite being initially startled by the standard of musicianship, played with elegance and panache, like he had never been away. Andrew may be remembered as a stalwart of the Grand Hotel sessions, and one of the best to play with, since relocated to Brisvegas, but in town for a week or so: one of the three best things to come out of Queensland, the others being a 737 and the Pacific Highway southbound.

All in front of a good crowd of listeners, not all of whom were moved to the point of removing their hearing aids, and possibly including Hortense. If she was not there, which regular readers will know can be the case from time to time, I expect she was wistfully hanging about the Altona West Municipal Baths trying to catch the eye of a passing mercantile marine sailor whilst they were still dirty…

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  1. chuckle chuckle…… please Ted, do keep up your sensational observances on the goings off at Gold Street, love ’em!!!!


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