The Leinster Arms: QLD

The Gold Street Gossip Shop has been going off, of late. This one took a while to get going, and was decidedly off on occasion – a quieter session than usual but some roses amongst the thorns as ever. Hortense, who has of late, been barely visible, if at all, was barely visible. But I am unreliably informed that she might have been there, and as I couldn’t see that she wasn’t, must assume that to be the case.

She and Madge have taken to hanging about the combination Altona West bus shelter and Revivalist Meeting Hall of an evening. Hortense is beginning to think that Rotten Ronnie Junior will never show up, Madge the meanwhile remaining firmly seated, with a satisfied grin on her face.

If he ever gets found out, Rotten Ronnie will flatly deny everything.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, the jam session… nice little interlude from Logan, fresh from the Land of the Long White Cloud (drummer). Restrained elegant session from Monsieur Sebastien. The Divine Miss Smith turned up late. Noel dropped in. Bishop Bennett, possibly awaiting the red cap now the monstrous Pell has gone to Rome to count shekels or something, played guitar and bass, Mr T alternated, Chelly turned up and didn’t sing. Kay turned up and did.

And we all played the usual rubbish, followed by the unusual rubbish, followed probably by more of the usual rubbish. Time to lean on the bar and have a Quiet Little Drink. “Twas all fun, but.

See ya this week?


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