The Leinster Arms: Another Fine Schemozzle

After the Halls Gap weekend saxophone free session (ah, ’twas bliss for the singers!) normal service was resumed with the Reverend C Chaos back in the pulpit. Amongst the many fine psalms enjoyed by a largish congregation, the two stand-outs of the arvo were St Thomas, never played better (coming off a low base, admittedly) with James Chan sublime on drums, Brent (new tenor sax) soloing and a good time had by all; and Chelly going the turps on Cry Me  A River – what a great rendition that was.

Anne Craig, looking rather glamorous, popped in after a gig and flooted up a storm. The Blaze, (guitar) cooking. Bishop Bennett going totally over the top in guitar.

For some strange reason, there were lots of faces we haven’t seen for a while: Don Beech on guitar, Yassin, Brent, and Paul Phillips, drums, getting amongst it big time, and an afternoon capped off by the three tonsils Kay Young, the Divine Miss Smiff and Sevil.

It was almost brillig in the slithy tove. Dylan T would have been proud of us if he hadn’t drunk so much whisky, moved to Australlia, lived to 104 and dropped in.

See ya next week?

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