The Gold Street Gossip Shop – where too much music is…, probably too much

In a break from tradition, last week’s Jam Session was held on a Sunday Afternoon for a change. This is in total contrast to the mid Eighteenth Century, when, by tradition, the jam session wasn’t held at all because it hadn’t been invented yet, and anyway, we were all too busy dreaming up unlikely outcomes from the Balkan Wars, of which more anon, or not, if I forget.
But I digress.
Other than Sir Roger de Coverley playing swing, this session had a bit of everything – the Clark gang in fine style, Ali producing a beautiful solo on And I Love Him, Chelly Parisi, singing up a storm, and elegant with it; Captain Chaos on top of it all afternoon, and Bob in particularly good form on piano. Bishop Bennet, Colonel T of the Fourth Light Punjab Division, Ian Andrews, Sebastien and a coupla others providing the rhythm section, and the rest of us jost bopping about having a good time. Coda by Ann Schmith. Not a great session, or a particularly large one, but the sort that can often be the most fun for players and audience alike. Nobody Died, and we’ll all do it again next week – other than the Halls Gaps Desperates who feel the need to rush off to the middle of nowhere and  indulge in real jazz – don’t be fooled into thinking that they haven’t rehearsed, it just sounds that way from time to time. So,  come to think of it, next week, there will be no-one at the Lunatic Soup Lounge:  don’t turn up, definitely don’t bring charts, and about three of us will have a really good time…
Bliss . . . Catchya round the trapsss.

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