Some reflections on John Donne, English Poet and Satirist . . .

Nothing if not classy in the gossip column… I think it was JD who said I am unable, yonder beggar cries, To stand, or move; if he say true, he lies. Only one cannot be sure as the tape recorder had not yet been invented. Anyway, you may be wondering (God Knows,  I am) what this has to do with the Gold Street Gossip Shop and Tearooms and its weekly gathering of musos, and I use the term in its loosest sense.

Well, it was Austraya Day (1), which, like the tape recorder was uninvented at the time., so JD had nothing to do with that. I suspect most people were, sensibly, ingesting carbonised snags washed down with that curiously chemical mixture known as VB. Even the purveyors have the nerve to suggest that you wouldn’t drink unless you had a hard earned thirst…

Anyway, back to the Jam Session – a smaller turnout thn usual, but props to Bishop Bennett from staying way past Compline and providing the very best bass accompaniment, to Sebastian the Bash and Ali The Thwack for drum duties, to Ron the Fingers for some great piano, and, late in the day to Ian Andrews for some nifty guitar work. And to Sonya for pulling out some obscure charts and bringing the bebop to life, Chelly for a great take on SugarCeleste for making sense of Hey Big Spender, and La Smiff for putting it all to bed. John Donne? Well I am unable could refer to anyone or everyone, yonder beggar cries is a clear reference to the poor mongrels in the front bar who have been reduced to tears on occasion, To stand , or move is when Glen gets all agitato about the doorway, and if he say true, he lies could possibly be a description of the Captain’s calling of fours.  See ya next week.


(1) yes it did see below!

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