I don’t like it Carruthers, its too quiet…

Friday 13th saw the last Hurrah at the Grand Hotel. The room was sparsely populated, with a sad, untuned, unloved piano set aside. The guests who had ventured in ate more or less speechless. It was a quiet and dismal place…

Meanwhile, out the back, we was having a Ball! Great set by Ruby Rogers, in front of a standing room only crowd, followed by cameo appearances from The Debster, Miss Hayres, Celeste, Emma Sidney (interloper, but we didn’t mind), Buddy and I forget who else. Doug and Dean were there, Gentleman John Curtis was there, Sam Izzo was there, Ben Stewart was there, Julian was there, the Captain was there, and a whole bunch of others too talented young and good looking to name.

As Miss Rogers rightly pointed out, it really wouldn’t matter if we got too loud, (we did) but as it turned out, the hotel guests loved it, including the diners who sat in the cocktail bar and listened in..

A rare night indeed. Carruthers would have loved it.

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