The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014.

The Website is gradually going “live” . We are now taking registrations for bands and individual musicians. Anyone with any money left at all is encouraged to buy a ticket or two – you can do it on line, if you are one of those amazingly uber kewl types who doesn’t need to know who is performing. Oh, alright, Marg will be there – ’nuff said (for the moment)

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Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

The Friday session this week features Anne Gottabluefrock Hayres accompanied by the Debonair John Curtis and the Curtis All Stars: dave Taylor (bass)  Phil Hayter (Sax) and Putna Mondrum (percussive nonsense in the background) A classy line up.

Last week, the Divine Miss Smith entertained a goodly turn out of people as only the DMS can (alternating sassy renditions with outrageous asides…) The audience numbers have grown week on week – keep it up!

Some reflections on John Donne, English Poet and Satirist . . .

Nothing if not classy in the gossip column… I think it was JD who said I am unable, yonder beggar cries, To stand, or move; if he say true, he lies. Only one cannot be sure as the tape recorder had not yet been invented. Anyway, you may be wondering (God Knows,  I am) what this has to do with the Gold Street Gossip Shop and Tearooms and its weekly gathering of musos, and I use the term in its loosest sense.

Well, it was Austraya Day (1), which, like the tape recorder was uninvented at the time., so JD had nothing to do with that. I suspect most people were, sensibly, ingesting carbonised snags washed down with that curiously chemical mixture known as VB. Even the purveyors have the nerve to suggest that you wouldn’t drink unless you had a hard earned thirst…

Anyway, back to the Jam Session – a smaller turnout thn usual, but props to Bishop Bennett from staying way past Compline and providing the very best bass accompaniment, to Sebastian the Bash and Ali The Thwack for drum duties, to Ron the Fingers for some great piano, and, late in the day to Ian Andrews for some nifty guitar work. And to Sonya for pulling out some obscure charts and bringing the bebop to life, Chelly for a great take on SugarCeleste for making sense of Hey Big Spender, and La Smiff for putting it all to bed. John Donne? Well I am unable could refer to anyone or everyone, yonder beggar cries is a clear reference to the poor mongrels in the front bar who have been reduced to tears on occasion, To stand , or move is when Glen gets all agitato about the doorway, and if he say true, he lies could possibly be a description of the Captain’s calling of fours.  See ya next week.


(1) yes it did see below!


20 April 2010


research and text by PHILIP WHITE … click on flag for its history

AUSTRALIA comes from the Greek αυδτηος, through the Latin austerus, which means severe, and gave itself to the Middle English auster, or austere, meaning the south wind and its source. By 1541, austere was also used to mean sour, or bitter and astringent, and harsh to the taste. This gradually came to cover anything that was harsh to the feelings generally; stern; rigorous; judicially severe; grim in warfare; severe in self-discipline; strict and abstinent. In 1597 it meant severely simple; without any luxury. By 1667 austere also meant grave and sober. The Latin austeritas became the Old French austerite, which, by 1590, as the English austerity, meant severe self-discipline, abstinence and asceticism. In 1634 austerity also meant harsh to the taste, or astringent sourness. This soon also covered general harshness to the feelings; judicial severity, or stern or severe treatment or demeanour. By 1713 it meant rugged sternness, and by 1875 austerity also meant severe simplicity or lack of luxury. The Latin australis became austral by the time of Middle English, and was used to indicate something that was belonging to the south. Or was southern. It also came not only to mean influenced by the south wind, but also warm and moist. This Latin australis gave its name to the great continent rumoured to lie in the south, Terra Australis. The French were the first to use Australien, meaning of Terra Australis. By 1693, the English language included the word Australian, also meaning of Terra Australis. The Terra was leaving Australis by 1814, in which time the English-speaking world had begun to use Captain Matthew Flinders’ suggested name for this huge southern beach-fringed slab of sand, dust, and stone, Australia. Now. About those original inhabitants …

Salman Rushdie writes about  his visit to Writers’ Week in Adelaide in the Tatler,  London, October 1984:‘Don’t you  find,’ Angela Carter said one evening, ‘that there’s something a little  exhausted about the place names around here?  I mean, Mount Lofty.   Windy Point.’  On another occasion, Bruce Chatwin said something  similar: ‘It’s a tired country, not young at all.  It tires its  inhabitants.  It’s too ancient, too old.’

What’s On, Where, Who, Why

Rubys Music Room: The Captain Chaos Sessions

The Friday sessions see the Divine Miss Smith on 24th January, always assuming she turns up, and even remembers to bring her charts with her. The sublime Andy Moon on bass, Dean C on drums and quite possibly a surprise appearance by none other than Captain Chaos hisself. Should be a good night.

And next week, Miss Anne Hayres on 31st January. Or better still. Don’t Miss Anne Hayres.

A number of jammers are already getting other gigs at RMR, which is great to see. If you haven’t dropped in, give it a whirl – it is a class venue.


Meanwhile, back at the Lunatic Soup Lounge, Colliwobbles finest…

I had half expected the joint to be empty when Bob and I strolled in. I was half right, it was half empty…

Which didn’t last for long – ended up being a busy little session, with the biggest turn out of first timers for a long time – and I am not going to name them all, but here goes: first stanza, Ron (drums) and Graham (piano) accompanying an elegant young singer called, um, err, look, you are probably thinking I have forgotten her name, and you are probably right, but she sang some interesting stuff and we hope to see  um, err, look, you are probably thinking I have forgotten her name again, and you are probably right, again … then came Ron on piano, killer right hand, hasn’t been to a jam for years, and a bit later, Andrew on drums – he was just walking passed the Gold Street Gossip Shop, heard the music, went in to complain and stayed all day…

Plus Jess, Bishop Bennett, Putna Mondrum, the Captain, Ali and, for what turns out to be his last appearance Eric The Moose (saxaphone). He is off on his travels but added a touch of Canadian Class to proceedings – see ya Champ!

All of which has made for a busy week – but if you haven’t got anything on this Sunday, get out  of bed, get dressed, go home, have a late lunch, and we’ll see ya for a beer at 4pm..

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids!

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival June 7th and 8th 2014

A brief update. We are about to go live on the website, and will be formally inviting bands to register within a week or so. Gulp. The Festival Committee (including Captain Chaos) has been working hard on the organisation – and has received a grant from Mount Alexander Shire to help with expenses – which are considerable.

The event will be held over the June long weekend, using 8 different venues in Castlemaine,  more information to come, but..

Put it in ya diary!


Jazz on Main – Lilydale

Happy New Year to you all !!!

Jazz on Main kicks off with a bang on Friday 31st Jan (yes a week early for this month and next,  due to 2 Jazz Festivals happening the 1st Friday of Feb and March

We are thrilled to have KUNJANI with us again ! What an awesome way to start the year off at Jazz on Main.!

Kunjani will have us on our feet dancing or at least tapping our feet and clapping our hands to their Afro Jazz/Funk/ grooves.

What a treat this band is.! If you haven’t been to hear them before ,pop the date date in your diary and head on down to Lilydale. We have plenty of parking on the service Rd out the front, air con if its hot …and heating if its not !
Cheers Jan
(Usually 1st Friday of month)
1st Floor , 106 Main St Lilydale ( just over railway line on right.. city side)
$15 pp
Dance floor, lounge environment
Coffee and bickies included !
details Jan 0411 342 337


Melbourne Music Performers – Open Mic at Francesca’s Bar

Soirée Musique
Fri 24 Jan 2014

After a few months at Kojo Brown (thanks, Tony), the Melbourne Music Performers is moving to:

Francesca’s Bar, 222 High St, Northcote.

The set programme runs 8-10pm and is followed by Open Mic until midnight.

If you’d like to sing or play, please sign up and then contact us via the web site before all of the time-slots are filled!

Ann Craig