The Leinster Arms: stuff and muffins… and an invite.

Stuff: A mixed bag of a jam session for the aficionados, with a large turnout of jammers some of whom do not refer to themselves as real musicians, and sadly, some who do…

Well, it all started innocently enough, even Hortense would have been impressed, had she been there, which she may well have been. Or not as the case may be.. The music soon got up and swung all by itself. I seem to remember renditions of Chameleon, Four, Mercy Mercy Mercy, and quite possibly Watermelon Man. Hortense has apparently  retired to a stud farm in Uruguay in search of beef.. We expect her back any day now, lightly sauced, seared to perfection, and otherwise somewhat disappointed. But I digress…

The Jam Session (part 2): An early stanza, somewhat dominated by Julian da trumpet, followed by a very nervous newcomer, Erin, who actually sang rather well, and the usual horde of saxophonistes, all of whom were roundly put in the shade by Melinda’s friend Damien, who, we are promised, will be lending a touch of class to Ruby Rogers’ Grand Hotel session  on 13th December….

Here comes the The Invite…

…To which all of the musos who have played the Grand in the past year are warmly invited. Captain Chaos has arranged for drinks and nibbles. Probably scones  and petit fours. Anyhoo, the deal is Miss Rogers does the early set, and anyone who wants to can join in afterwards.

Did you get that?

The Jam Session (Part 3) Meanwhile, back at the Jam, Celeste, singing the terminally unsuitable Hey Big Sspender (as in hey, small ensemble…) but entirely forgiven for her subsequent rendition of a sly Eva Cassidy number…

And the sublime Miss Smiff to top it all off. Mixed muffins indeed.

And if I had to pick a performance du jour,which I don’t.  it would be Mr T, who played bass rather well, or Mr Peter Bennett, equally good, or Damien, even better. Or Miss Hortense, because she never gets picked for anything.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids….

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