The Gold Street Gossip Shop and Tea Rooms – Hush!

It wasn’t the greatest, busiest, most musical, gossipest sort of a Jam Session last Sunday – but it must have gone close to the loudest. The exotic cacophony of saxaphones, was not, according to the Captain, entirely to blame. Must have been the air conditioning.

Whatever, a sensibly amusing sort of afternoon, all manner of songs, solos, sambas and silliness being the order of the day.; starting with Sir Roger De C in his very tight jeans blowing up a storm on his saxaphone, and, well, degenerating from there really. Decibels reached their zenith with a blues set from Melinda, who shall remain, relatively, blameless, as it was left to the guitars and the aforementioned belgian flutes to top it off.

I rather enjoy these moments of unsullied averageness, they keep the Jammers grounded.

Of more, anon. Or next week, whichever comes first.




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