The Gold Street Gossip Shop is on a Roll

And it ain’t sausages. Every so often, the jams see a whole bunch of    new faces, real musicians and other rare creatures – and the last    two or three Sundays have been like that. We are working on it, and    should have it back in the doldrums fairly quickly. After last    week’s two bass players called George, Eric from Canada on saxaphone    seemed a positively modest aberration. Didn’t know they had    saxaphones in Canada, thought it was mainly frostbite, lumberjacks     and policemen in silly hats.

Ahem.. back to the point., Ah yes, I remember now, there wasn’t one.    So… a fine jam session, with and assortment of saxes,    serenadistas, pianists, guitars and drum bashers..

And Jack! Long term jammers may remember he was mowed down by a    Pajero going backwards, whilst strolling across Queen Street. Jack,    not the Pajero. Rumour has he was playing his trombone at the time.    A complete defence against a charge of careless driving. Any, the    crash has severely affected his trombone playing abilities, to the    extent that he now sounds pretty damn good. He was good before of    course, but not damn pretty. Anyway, a long convalescence ensued,    which he survived despite Audrey telling me she was ready to    throttle the old sod on several occasions, and it was great to see    him back. Accompanied by his mate Brian Sullivan, who played a mean    saxaphone. Has been around the block, methinks. They all sounded    goodly.

And then Phil Hayter dipped in (he will be playing Celeste’s    inaugural sesh at the Grand, which I am rather looking forward to.)

And Peter on Guitar laid down an very different lick to the    ineffably unflappable Ben Stewart. Both good.

Bass duties fell to Doug Kuhn. He tells me it is pronounced “Keen”,    but how you get to spell that D.o.u.g. is a mystery to me. Great    playing.

Captain Chaos played no part in proceedings, as usual… or not, as    the case may be.

So we all got to accompany Celeste and Chelly, and the afternoon swung.

And I haven’t mentioned, Keef, Ali, Peter, Sebastien, Curtis, Vinard    etc.etc.

Sausage rolls all round.. see ya next week?

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