The Grand Hotel

Last week’s session with Tess singing, Kip the Texican on Bass, Tom    Doublier on drums and late starter Julian on trumpet was a    quiet(ish) soiree, although the Hotel was fully booked for the    Races.

This Friday, Amy Jaulin returns, with meself, Putna Mondrum, and    Ivan on double bass. Drop by if you are in town and be rewarded with    an evening of  standards, blues and ballads, delivered as only our    favourite ditzy blonde can.

Amy Jaulin at The Grand Hotel, corner of Flinders Street and      Spencer Street, 5.30 – 8.30pm, Friday 8th November

Next week, Angie Strickland returns to give Etta, Burt,    Michel and a few others a whole new perspective. I’d go just to find    out what hair colour Ange has decided upon this week, but the music    is also rather good…

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