It’s Not Cricket…by George

Wangaratta Wanderers were playing an away game this week, so,    in the notable absence of the Curtis and the Captain amongst others,  plenty of not very much in prospect for the Sunday Arvo Lunatic Soup Kitchen gathering of the B Team. Which, as it has in the past, resulted in rather a lot of  musicians and singers turning up.  Late.  It was left to young Roger Clark to take up the cudgels and beat a coupla fine toons to a pulp. At which he is somewhat adroit. A moderately chaotic afternoon of ballad mangling ensued, with Glen (Il Duce to those in the know)
Il Duce
and Sebastien alternately belting the crap out of the drums, Bob and meself on piano, Ben the Crook on guitar followed by Cardinal Kevin, Ann Craig doing her floot thing as good as ever, Paul, Peter, Ali, and the aforementioned Clark on sax, Ivan on double bass, Chelly, Celeste    and the Debster in fine form on tonsils, two blow ins getting up to dance, Thomas the tap, Elliott and Cardinal Pell whooping it up  later on, and even the Captain wandering in for a late start following his early dismissal from Wang .

Debut performances: Only one of the two Georges who fronted to play bass was from Iceland. Both were, although initially hesitant, pretty damn good.

Train Wrecks: Peter was simply magnificent – and wins this week’s One Sheet Missing Award. Various solosist essayed the second sheet ex tempore, and in some cases pretty much nailed it. The one    sheet missing manoeuvre is a classy piece of play, and right up    there with the one sheet upside down opening gambit, almost as good    as the three sheets in one key, two sheets in another trick. Although all three have been tried many times in the past, one never tires of the sheer musical chaos that each can bring, nor ceases to  wonder at the total inability of the great unwashed to discern an    difference in the performance. Or is that a reflection on the general standard of play?

Play of the Day: Give him the right number, and Sebastien  can play a pretty mean set of drums. Nice one.

All in all, a satisfyingly diverse afternoon of music, which means that probably no-one at all will turn up next week, and the Captain will be able to sit quietly in the bar, appreciating the silence, contemplating the meaning of life, and ruminating over a cooling draught or two.

Or not, as the case may be.

See ya there?

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