The Leinster Arms: stuff and muffins… and an invite.

Stuff: A mixed bag of a jam session for the aficionados, with a large turnout of jammers some of whom do not refer to themselves as real musicians, and sadly, some who do…

Well, it all started innocently enough, even Hortense would have been impressed, had she been there, which she may well have been. Or not as the case may be.. The music soon got up and swung all by itself. I seem to remember renditions of Chameleon, Four, Mercy Mercy Mercy, and quite possibly Watermelon Man. Hortense has apparently  retired to a stud farm in Uruguay in search of beef.. We expect her back any day now, lightly sauced, seared to perfection, and otherwise somewhat disappointed. But I digress…

The Jam Session (part 2): An early stanza, somewhat dominated by Julian da trumpet, followed by a very nervous newcomer, Erin, who actually sang rather well, and the usual horde of saxophonistes, all of whom were roundly put in the shade by Melinda’s friend Damien, who, we are promised, will be lending a touch of class to Ruby Rogers’ Grand Hotel session  on 13th December….

Here comes the The Invite…

…To which all of the musos who have played the Grand in the past year are warmly invited. Captain Chaos has arranged for drinks and nibbles. Probably scones  and petit fours. Anyhoo, the deal is Miss Rogers does the early set, and anyone who wants to can join in afterwards.

Did you get that?

The Jam Session (Part 3) Meanwhile, back at the Jam, Celeste, singing the terminally unsuitable Hey Big Sspender (as in hey, small ensemble…) but entirely forgiven for her subsequent rendition of a sly Eva Cassidy number…

And the sublime Miss Smiff to top it all off. Mixed muffins indeed.

And if I had to pick a performance du jour,which I don’t.  it would be Mr T, who played bass rather well, or Mr Peter Bennett, equally good, or Damien, even better. Or Miss Hortense, because she never gets picked for anything.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids….

Ain’t Life Grand…

This week, Chelly Parisi takes the mcrophone , as only Chelly can (‘cos its her microphone…) . A lively mix of jazz standards, obscure Beatles tunes converted to Bossa (for no apparent reason) and the occasional ballad are promised. Our most experienced singer, and a jazz jam regular, with the ineffable Doug Kuhn on bass, and meself trying to keep up on the joanna. A goodly night – be there!

Chelly Parisi, the Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Flinders Street, Friday 29th November, 5.30  – 8.30,

Next week  Celeste has her first session at the Grand. And it is going to be a special night, because it is on  Thursday 5th December. Apparently the Hotel already has a lot of bookings, so a night of chaos could ensue…

And the following week is the Ruby Rogers Bash, with a get together for the Jammers afterwards (see the Leinster Arms review for more details).

Standing Tall

Hello all

Just a quick reminder about the “Standing Tall” gig this Sunday at 5pm till 7.30pm at “The Open Studio” at 204 High Street Northcote (opposite Northcote Town Hall). Entry is by donation (so bring plenty of cash).
Also, please put into your diary our next gig: At Dizzy’s Jazz Club on Tuesday January 14th, 2014 starting at 8pm. Details later.
Cheers for now
Jan Blake’s BODY and SOUL back at JAZZ ON MAIN for our final JoM for the year. Its been ages since we had the entire band together in one spot…so VERY HAPPY JAN !!!
Jan Blake /Vocals , Neil Taylor/Piano, Frank Morgan/Bass, Ann Craig/Flute ,Trevor Firth/Sax, Alan Richards/Drums .
Look forward to seeing you , pop on your dancing shoes as we Partttaaayyy for our Christmas breakup !
Love Jan
—– Jazz on Main


Friday 6th Dec 


(The Upper Room) 1st Floor, 106 Main St, Lilydale (opp station, park on Service rd out front )

$15 pp,

Lounge environment, No Bar. (Coffee ,Tea, bickies incl….soft drinks avail for purchase).


0411 342 337 for details… need to book (plenty of room)

The Grand Hotel:

Ange Strickland put in a fine set – quite one of best by all accounts, and was rewarded with a large audience. Gentleman John Curtis professed himself well satisfied with the night, as did the Captain.

This week, Mr Smooth himself, Ashley de Wangaratta, followed by Debbie who will be joined by her two BV;s for a coupla trio numbers. Andy Moon has deserted the Orchestra for the night, and will probablly be regretting it by about 5.35, but who cares. Going to be a fun night, what with Wangaratta’s crooniest singer, and Miss D, who could sing in the dark and we’d still need shades – she can light up a room all by herself. Not sure about the 5/4 number but we’ll do our best.


Next week, Risa has had to withdraw, so if there are any singers reading this who fancy a session, Col’s number is … just kidding.

Or not, as the case may be…

The Gold Street Gossip Shop and Tea Rooms – Hush!

It wasn’t the greatest, busiest, most musical, gossipest sort of a Jam Session last Sunday – but it must have gone close to the loudest. The exotic cacophony of saxaphones, was not, according to the Captain, entirely to blame. Must have been the air conditioning.

Whatever, a sensibly amusing sort of afternoon, all manner of songs, solos, sambas and silliness being the order of the day.; starting with Sir Roger De C in his very tight jeans blowing up a storm on his saxaphone, and, well, degenerating from there really. Decibels reached their zenith with a blues set from Melinda, who shall remain, relatively, blameless, as it was left to the guitars and the aforementioned belgian flutes to top it off.

I rather enjoy these moments of unsullied averageness, they keep the Jammers grounded.

Of more, anon. Or next week, whichever comes first.




Remco Keijzer Quintet (Amsterdam/Melbourne)

                      Remco Keijzer 320x434

Remco Keijzer Quintet (Amsterdam/Melbourne)
8:30pm Saturday 23rd November – $15/12 – Uptown Jazz Cafe

Expatriate Dutch tenor saxophonist/ composer Remco Keijzer has brought a wealth of experience and a positive approach to the local scene via his various project bands. His tenor sax sound is both compelling and enjoyable, as he aims for his goal with this band: to be “exploratory, unpretentious and fun”. His originals feature genuine melodies, while the standards offer opportunities for sensitive reinvention. His solos are frequently as fun and catchy as Keijzer plays with soul—never losing sight of the larger musical picture in a flurry of technical push-ups. This Quartet features the superb rhythm section of pianist Sam Keevers, bassist Ben Robertson and drummer Danny Fischer.

Visit: &

The Gold Street Gossip Shop is on a Roll

And it ain’t sausages. Every so often, the jams see a whole bunch of    new faces, real musicians and other rare creatures – and the last    two or three Sundays have been like that. We are working on it, and    should have it back in the doldrums fairly quickly. After last    week’s two bass players called George, Eric from Canada on saxaphone    seemed a positively modest aberration. Didn’t know they had    saxaphones in Canada, thought it was mainly frostbite, lumberjacks     and policemen in silly hats.

Ahem.. back to the point., Ah yes, I remember now, there wasn’t one.    So… a fine jam session, with and assortment of saxes,    serenadistas, pianists, guitars and drum bashers..

And Jack! Long term jammers may remember he was mowed down by a    Pajero going backwards, whilst strolling across Queen Street. Jack,    not the Pajero. Rumour has he was playing his trombone at the time.    A complete defence against a charge of careless driving. Any, the    crash has severely affected his trombone playing abilities, to the    extent that he now sounds pretty damn good. He was good before of    course, but not damn pretty. Anyway, a long convalescence ensued,    which he survived despite Audrey telling me she was ready to    throttle the old sod on several occasions, and it was great to see    him back. Accompanied by his mate Brian Sullivan, who played a mean    saxaphone. Has been around the block, methinks. They all sounded    goodly.

And then Phil Hayter dipped in (he will be playing Celeste’s    inaugural sesh at the Grand, which I am rather looking forward to.)

And Peter on Guitar laid down an very different lick to the    ineffably unflappable Ben Stewart. Both good.

Bass duties fell to Doug Kuhn. He tells me it is pronounced “Keen”,    but how you get to spell that D.o.u.g. is a mystery to me. Great    playing.

Captain Chaos played no part in proceedings, as usual… or not, as    the case may be.

So we all got to accompany Celeste and Chelly, and the afternoon swung.

And I haven’t mentioned, Keef, Ali, Peter, Sebastien, Curtis, Vinard    etc.etc.

Sausage rolls all round.. see ya next week?

Chet Baker

The year was 1988. Most people were still buying LPs, though CDs were starting to eat up more and more space in record stores. Jazz sections were fairly thin on older recording from the ’50s. Most record companies were struggling to make money in limited space with new releases, and CD catalogues were in their infancy. Though the analog-to-digital conversion process hadn’t kicked into high gear yet, CDs clearly were the future. Into this digital dawn came Let’s Get Lost—a black-and-white documentary on Chet Baker directed by photographer Bruce Weber. Everyone who saw it was affected by the humid portrait of the romantic but tortured trumpeter. Suddenly, a generation of young East Coast fans new to the music were exposed to West Coast jazz and all of its tattered charms. Not long after the film came out and began generating interest, Baker CDs came rushing into print.

If you’ve never seen Let’s Get Lost, here’s your chance. It’s easy to forget how influential the film was and how it re-ignited interest in Los Angeles jazz in the ’50s… – See more at:


What Are You Woodshedding #3?

Weekly Test – what contrafacts were they?:

Last week’s mystery tunes, and their sources, were:

  • Bird of Paradise (Charlie      Parker) derived from          All The Things You Are
  • Rhythm-a-ning(Thelonious Monk)                             I Got Rhythm
  • Dig (Jackie Mc Lean)                                                  Sweet Georgia Brown
  • Quicksilver (Horace Silver)                                         Lover Come Back To Me
  • Westwood Walk (Gerry Mulligan)                             Fine and Dandy

How did you go??
Have you tried playing them now you know where they’ve come from?

For next week, put your mind to work on:

  • Ko Ko (Charlie Parker) derived      from                        
  • Evidence (Thelonious Monk)
  • Parisienne Thoroughfare (Bud Powell)
  • Groovin’ High (Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Cotton Tail (Duke Ellington)


More next week!…..

Great Jazz Opportunity

My name is Ndugood. I am a wealthy Nigerian prince who loves the
jazz of music.

I am seeking your help to move $200,000,000 from my checking account
here in Nigeria to the United States. I too love the jazz of music and
am planning to flee to America to open many jazz clubs at which I
would like you to perform.

You will receive $42,000 a night, plus a meal.

My new “Tribal Village Vanguard” clubs will be of great success and
you will become rich like the rest of American jazz musicians.

I have already applied for building exemptions to allow thatched
stages and the spearing of live animals. But I desperately need your
help. My tribe, the Swindlisi, a peaceful jazz-loving people, has been
horribly oppressed by the ruling military junta, which despises the
jazz of music.

My father, an exiled king and booking agent, was recently imprisoned
under the Draconian “three gigs – you’re out” law, and now I must flee
my beloved country with all of my improbable wealth – But I need help
in moving it.

I have so much money that it will not fit in the allotted two checked
bags and one carry-on. I am therefore want to transfer the money
through your ATM system (The Nigerian ATM system cannot exchange
international currencies; it only converts “antelope to money”). So
please to just provide me with your full name and address, social
security number, bank account and PIN numbers, and you will become
incredibly (literally) rich from playing many jazz gigs.

(Note: normal Nigerian Musician’s Union rules apply: three hour
performances, two 15 minute breaks allowed, musicians to provide their
own mosquito nets, one open fire per bandstand, one free meal plus
anything you kill).

Act now. The first ten musicians to respond will receive a free copy
of the Nigeria’s Greatest Jazz Hits CD, by our beloved ‘Disoriented’
Gillespie Band, which contains the hits:

* The Night Has A Thousand Flies ,
*Goodbye Shrunken Head ,
* Here’s That Rainy Season ,
* Just Tribesmen (Lovers No More) ,
*Take the ‘A’ Trail  ,
* When I Fall In Quicksand ,
* Half-Nelson Mandella ,
*Blue Monkey ,Leopard Skins and Moonbeams ,
*Blue Mombossa ,
*Almost Like Being In Lagos,
*Sunny Side of the Goatpath
*I Didn’t Know What Century It Was .

Thank you for your many help.

Your inordinately wealthy Nigerian brother…

Prince Ndugood