The Grand Hotel –last week: big voice, big crowd, huge bass

It takes a bit to upstage Amy Jaulin, but that would seem to have been the case when the barman said “ who’s the f***in’ bass player, you can get him back any time you f****in well like.”(verbatim misquotation). I took this to mean he thought he was quite good. So props to Amy for a  night of fine singing, and to Kain Borlase for some great double bass solos.

So… this week, Sevil Sabah ventures forth for a full night of jazz, the occasional soul number and even some Aretha if she don’t lose her nerve. Our newest singer is looking the goods. Catch her performance before the warranty runs out. Doug Kuhn on bass, and a special performance by Ann Smiff on drums.

Sevil Sabah torches the Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer and Flinders, Friday 18th October, 5.30 – 8.30


Next week Anne Hayres is back with a whole new repertoire and her regular crew of John “chopsticks:” Curtis (piano) and Danilo (drums). Probably get a bass player organised before then.

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