The Leinster Arms: Roger sweeps the floor, …

Black sax and boogie. After a willing opening set from the headlining Clark, there were cameo performances from Chelly, some sweet sax from an ever improving Ali, Mr T and Stan on bass, Ben on guitar, Danilo  and Sebastien on drums, latecomers Kevin (nice guitar playing) and Ann da Floot, as well as a first time dip from Celeste, and a lively set from Bob (see below). Captain Chaos in the chair, and all is well with the world.

Hortense was quite possibly lurking in the background. She has been a bit down on her luck of late, but she did think things were looking up – until she went on a blind date last week.  Came home with  the dog..

Madge from Altona has decided to get her driving licence.  The vicar’s wife was most concerned, and impressed upon Madge that you can’t be too careful when driving a Datsun 120B with the windows missing. True to form, Madge wasn’t , and the combination Altona West Bus Stop and Gospel Revival hall was duly flattened in a slightly deviant reverse park manouevre. Luckily only the Vicar was in it at the time as they haven’t had much of a congregation since 1972 .

Stick to the black notes – they’re cheaper


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