The Leinster Arms Sunday Arvo Jazz Jam

After last week’s smaller than usual turn out (thanks Dad!) we have advertised this one in Melband – under Bass Players Wanted and Vocalists Wanted. Whatever.

The Jam Session starts at 4.00pm and generally goes to 7.30 ish, although if people are still keen, it has been known to run into the night. If you don’t know the deal, here’s what we put in Melband this week – under Bassists Wanted, but any instrument is welcome to join in:

Whilst you are waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up on Melband, Jazz bass players, of any standard from beginner to pro, are invited to drop in on the Sunday Arvo Jazz Jam, at the Leinster Arms, Gold Street Collingwood, Sunday 8th September, between 4 and 7.30, and strut your stuff with a bunch of like minded musos. Try out new stuff, mangle a few jazz standards and generally polish your chops – just wander in and we’ll find you a spot, guaranteed, ‘cos we don’t finish ’til we’re done. Jazz ranges through bossa, bebop, swing tunes, standards, blues, and anything else we feel like doing at the time.

It is all free, somewhat relaxed, occasionally chaotic, and a good opportunity to network with twenty or so fellow musos, some of whom are waiting for the perfect opportunity to come up on Melband…

Enthusiasm essential, performance anxiety optional, charts a bonus, and competence to be well concealed as a kindness to others…a PM gets you more info if you need it.

See ya there?

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