Who is doing what, with what, to whom, and wherefore, if not after

The Grand Hotel: The Radiant Risa is back, with her usual line-up, and a bunch of Japanese songs done Anglo style, a galimaufrey of Anglo songs done Japanese style, and the whole lot put over  Risa style – if you have seen her before, you will be back, if you haven’t, dust off ya tap shoes and get on down…

 The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday 27th September, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

Next week at The Grand , Chelly Parisi will be swinging her way through her favourite Jazz Standards, before dashing off to a gig and then leaving the floor to the stylishly smooth Miss Sevil Sabah.

Buddy Love is singing at Kojo Brown on Saturday, with the entire and indefatigable Buddy Love Orchestra in attendance, well some of them anyway…. Grand Final bah humbug, get on down for some croonin’

Kojo Brown, Saturday 28 th September, Bridge Road,  Richmond  (opposite the Town Hall Clock 7.00pm – 10.00pm 

The Sunday Arvo Jam Session: Cookin’ up a storm

In a teacup of course… Captain Chaos himself admitted to being knackered by the end of a four hour session that featured 21 musicians. See, we can do irony in the Newsletter after all…

Actually, some of the music was damn good, and the rest , as is usual, defied description. Got some lovely feed back from a couple in the audience, who declared it an excellent afternoon’s entertainment, and that they would be back. Well, there was I thinking that the room was fool of people with a modicum of taste in music: beggars can’t be choosers..

To pick out highlights would be invidious, and as I still don’t know what that means, I will not. But I do recall bassists Stan, Andrew and Doug providing some solid rhythm, another elegant performance from Bob on piano, The Curtis in fine form, Ann Hayres performing a song wot she wrote, La Smiff doing her chatty thing, Chelly singing as good as ever, and Celeste knocking off a coupla numbers, for only one of which she handed out charts in two different keys…not that it made any difference; and newcomer Robert on guitar – absolutely good. Of course, he probably now realises that the three years of studying music really wasn’t necessary for this sort of thing, but he said he would be back. Hope so…

 Sam Izzo dropped by with Elliott and Cardinal Pell – may remember The Pellster as a bass player, (or a smarmy Catholic prelate of dubious moral fibre, but I am fairly sure it was the bass player version) anyway, where was I, as Hortense used to say when she couldn’t find her underwear in the morning, ah yes, Cardinal Pell – rather fine guitar work from AP, certainly enough to keep Ben (I’ve got a new guitar) Stewart on his toes.

Cooking up a storm indeed.! See ya next week, when no-one will be there, nothing will happen, and it will all be a disaster. Or not, as the case may be. Familiarity breeds content…

Soirée Musique moving to Kojo Brown -news from Kevin

Many of you will remember Louis Burty Bedeux who played melodica, clarinet and keys at the Leinster jams until a couple of years ago. In August 2012, Louis initiated Soirée Musique, a monthly jam and open mic event featuring diverse music (including quite a bit of jazz) and held at Bar Oussou in Brunswick.  Attendances have always been very good, regularly attracting over 40 followers (in addition to Bar Oussou’s usual clientele).

The program has evolved into:
8-10pm Set program with invited artists backed by the house band, currently comprising Ann Craig (flute), Kevin Blazé (guitar), Tony Luxmoore (keys), Stan Van Hooft (bass), Paul Phillips (drums).
10pm-late Open mic. Artists provide their own live backing or use the house band, generally playing 10-minute spots.

A few months ago, Louis moved to Brisbane and the organising of the Soirée was taken over by Alan West. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Bar Oussou decided to move in other directions so we have been seeking a new home. About the same time, Alan West stepped down from the organiser’s role and it was taken over by Ann Craig and Kevin Blazé.

On Friday, 4 October, Soirée Musique will be moving to Kojo Brown, 294 Bridge Rd, Richmond (opposite Richmond Town Hall). The program commences at 8pm.


What are the Jammers getting up to, where, when, probably not why, and maybe with whom….

What’s on at The Grand Hotel

After last week’s big night with the Risa and the lads, the Divine Miss Smiff will have her work cut out this week. Or something, probably aided and abutted by the ever Debonair Mr Curtis esq,  with Danilo, Andy Moon and quite possibly Captain Chaos hisself. Oh La! I’m going, you should too.

Ann Smith, The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Friday 20th September, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

Next week
The Grand hosts the irrepressible Ruby Rogers will be singing up a storm or crooning gentle ballads over the Ganesan bass lines, and some dodgy old geezer on piano. We are trying a cocktail bar friendly trio format for this one. Ruby friends will be there, but we will find a suitable spot for a few more.

The Castlemaine Jam

Sunday 6th October from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargeaves Street, Castlemaine. This month sees Russell at the piano, aided and abetted by Doug Kuhn on bass, and a few of the talented local musos under the direction of Norm the trumpet . It’s big, and well supported by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers. The Jam sessions are a key part of the Jazz Festival strategy, so if you have a sudden urge to go, don’t fight it!

The Leinster Arms: Roger sweeps the floor, …

Black sax and boogie. After a willing opening set from the headlining Clark, there were cameo performances from Chelly, some sweet sax from an ever improving Ali, Mr T and Stan on bass, Ben on guitar, Danilo  and Sebastien on drums, latecomers Kevin (nice guitar playing) and Ann da Floot, as well as a first time dip from Celeste, and a lively set from Bob (see below). Captain Chaos in the chair, and all is well with the world.

Hortense was quite possibly lurking in the background. She has been a bit down on her luck of late, but she did think things were looking up – until she went on a blind date last week.  Came home with  the dog..

Madge from Altona has decided to get her driving licence.  The vicar’s wife was most concerned, and impressed upon Madge that you can’t be too careful when driving a Datsun 120B with the windows missing. True to form, Madge wasn’t , and the combination Altona West Bus Stop and Gospel Revival hall was duly flattened in a slightly deviant reverse park manouevre. Luckily only the Vicar was in it at the time as they haven’t had much of a congregation since 1972 .

Stick to the black notes – they’re cheaper


This Week at the Grand Hotel

Risa Khodani brings a Japanese flavour to some jazz standards, obscure showtunes and even the occasional Nursery Rhyme. Tokyo Boogie Woogie at around 240bpm is not to be missed! TW on piano, Dean Constable slap and tickle, Doug Kuhn on Bass, Julian Driscoll  on flugel horn/tpt


Risa Khodani, Jazz Singer. The Grand Hotel cnr Spencer and Flinders Streets, Friday 13 September from 5.30 to 8.30

The Castlemaine Jazz Festival: an Update and A request For Feedback.

We are moving closer to this happening: it is slated for the Queens Birthday Long Weekend, June 2014, and we are looking at around 30+ bands for the inaugural two day event. The Castlemaine folks have come on board in a big way with this one, and we are in the process of setting up a Committee to handle the management of the Jazz bash.

Get Involved! Option 1: Do Nothing

If you have played a Grand Hotel Session, the chances are you already own the Jazz Festival, as a fair bit of the money generated through The Grand Hotel nights is going towards the costs of setting up a Festival.

Congratulations – you are already involved…


Get Involved (Option 2) Do almost Nothing

Easy, innit! One way you could greatly assist is by contacting us and indicating whether you would consider registering a band for the festival – we need to get a handle on numbers fairly quickly. Just send an e-mail to melbournejazzjammers@gmail.com  That’s almost nothing…

Get Involved (Option 3) Complain Bitterly

It is likely that there will be a registration fee of $20 or so per musician, to help cover the set-up costs. If you think this is too much, send an e-mail and complain bitterly. If you think this is not enough, complain but drop the bitters… seriously, we need to know whether this is reasonable.

If none of the above floats your boat, but you would like to be involved, talk to Col or Ted – we are going to need plenty of assistance, particularly in running the weekend.

Jam Session Review The Gold Street Gossip Shop: Free Beer at bar prices!

So… after last week’s rather quiet little sesh, it came as no surprise that general rowdiness was restored in no time this Sunday. Col, Ben, Ali, Keef, Colonel T of the southern Punjabi Light Foot, newcomer James making a good fist of basso profundo duties, several extremely noisy drummers doing their best to lose the beat, and in some cases succeeding, the unflappable John Curtis and Billy Joe Bob on the piano,  the Debster bouncing around, Chelly Parisi singing up a storm, an egregiously latin version of Master Blaster, and the Divine Miss Smiff surpassing all expectations with one of the best TRAINWRECK BALLAD MANGLING COCK-UPS of all time _ Route 66  no less. Of course the Captain. calling for a change to a bossa mid tune may have had  some bearing on the matter, although he later  maintained that it was all the Debster’s idea.

The Aforementioned Miss Smythe has intimated to me that she would rather the whole affair was not mentioned in the Newsletter, so I would be grateful if you could ignore the preceding paragraph entirely.

But she does deserve an Award for Cockuppetry of the highest order…

Next week, Route 66 in 5/4 time…