The Brilliant but Essentially Modest Trio of Pianists hit Town

The Lunatic Soup Lounge returns to its usual self…

Probably for another 150 years, by which time, we may well have got Little Sunflower down to less than eight minutes..

Unlikely as that would seem, judging by efforts over the past few years.

Last Sunday’s Jam session started very quietly, which is what happens when no one has got their instruments out of their cases, but even so, it really looked like a dud afternoon was in prospect for a while.

The lack of musicians was soon forgotten, as more and more of the jammers turned up – tuned up and turned on.. and ended up being a particularly refined afternoon of music making. Strangely, we didn’t play Summertime, or  Autumn Leaves for that matter, but the rhythm section  (Mr T, Danilo, John, Sebastian, Anton and others) got its act together and the Captain headed a bevy of soloists (the ever improving Ali, Ann on da floot amongst others,) and Chelly headed up the tonsil section until the Divine Miss Smurf rolled in.

Mercifully, the standard was leavened by a few of the usual cock-ups, and the whole shebang was held in check by the trio of brilliant, but essentially modest pianists (Gentleman John, Bobbbb and meself). A young pianist (whose name completely escapes me, so it was probably Houdini or something like that) rather ruined the batting average by playing particularly well, and set a challenge for the guitar department who rose to the occasion and drowned him out to save the rest of us any embarrassment.

So… we are going to do it all again this Sunday, and  hope you turn up too!

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