Sunday at the Leinster

The afternoon kicked off with Ben (guitar), John (keys), Taariq (bass), Ali (alto), Colin (tenor) and John  (drums).  An attempt was made to play a Grant Green tune called Idle Moments. It should have gone something like this:
Almost got there….maybe worth another try.

Roger (alto) joined in and gave a great lead to a rendition of Miles Davis’s Nardis. Sandro and Chelly added vocals to the mix and drummers Sebastian, Andrew and Glen took turns with John on the drum kit. Highlight of the day was the request from a young man (Michael) to play with us. He is finishing school in Singapore before joining his parents who have recently domiciled in Melbourne. He is a superb exponent of the art. Roger requested Michael to back him on No More Blues at a fast pace which was a great complement from the owner of Dizzies. All vocalists present were sorry to find he will return to Singapore next week. (I guess the pianists were a little relieved)

More vocalists (Anne H and Debbie) turned up along with Bob V (keys), Keith (tenor) and Alex (alto).

The day was a little quieter than normal but none the less enjoyable for all who attended.

Not your usual correspondent.

Saturday night at the Grand 2nd August

Due to a function being booked for Friday night there was a last minute need to rearrange the personal for the gig to the Saturday. Buddy Love came in on vocals.  Simon Atkinson (Drums) Andy Moon (Double Bass) and Agus Batara on Keys made up a superb rhythm section at the last minute. Buddy is singing better than ever and kept a sizable audience well entertained.


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