What’s Up, What’s On, Where, When, and Why Not…

The Grand Hotel: Sabah Night!

Sevil Sabah sings her first Jazz gig this Friday. If she isn’t excited, she should be, and the lads in the band all thought  she sounded  damn good in rehearsal We had polished off the first  bottle by then, but even so….  Doug Kuhn (bass), meself (piano) and Tom Doublier (drums) for some classy soulful jazz and blues. Get yerself down there!

Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Collins, Saturday 30th August, 5.30 – 8.30pm

The Leinster Arms Sunday Arvo Jazz Jam:

The usual advice: aspiring/perspiring and despairing musos are warmly invited to get out of bed, go home, pick up ya instrument of choice, cruise on down and blow the proverbials off ya ya fave toon or three…EXtra points will be awarded for anyone who remembers some charts, if the Captain is away…

The Sunday Arvo Jazz Jam, Leinster Arms Hotel, Gold Street, Collingwood, Sunday 1st September.

And that should be enough music for anyone in the mood…unless you are looking for serious jazz, in which case you is readin’ the wrong Newsletter..

The Brilliant but Essentially Modest Trio of Pianists hit Town

The Lunatic Soup Lounge returns to its usual self…

Probably for another 150 years, by which time, we may well have got Little Sunflower down to less than eight minutes..

Unlikely as that would seem, judging by efforts over the past few years.

Last Sunday’s Jam session started very quietly, which is what happens when no one has got their instruments out of their cases, but even so, it really looked like a dud afternoon was in prospect for a while.

The lack of musicians was soon forgotten, as more and more of the jammers turned up – tuned up and turned on.. and ended up being a particularly refined afternoon of music making. Strangely, we didn’t play Summertime, or  Autumn Leaves for that matter, but the rhythm section  (Mr T, Danilo, John, Sebastian, Anton and others) got its act together and the Captain headed a bevy of soloists (the ever improving Ali, Ann on da floot amongst others,) and Chelly headed up the tonsil section until the Divine Miss Smurf rolled in.

Mercifully, the standard was leavened by a few of the usual cock-ups, and the whole shebang was held in check by the trio of brilliant, but essentially modest pianists (Gentleman John, Bobbbb and meself). A young pianist (whose name completely escapes me, so it was probably Houdini or something like that) rather ruined the batting average by playing particularly well, and set a challenge for the guitar department who rose to the occasion and drowned him out to save the rest of us any embarrassment.

So… we are going to do it all again this Sunday, and  hope you turn up too!

The Castlemaine Jam: Curtis to Hit Town…

Gleefully billed as Castlemaine’s Longest Running Jazz Jam, it all happens this Sunday. Fathers day! But some of the Mothers will be there too… Gentleman John Curtis has been run out of town, and will be accompanying a variety of Gentleman Warblers for the kick off. Unless he reads this and thinks better of it. The standard of music at the last Jam was ridiculously good,  and it is well worth the trip up the old Calder. Might even feature Captain Chaos, and there  will be a rare opportunity to hear Colonel Hannah warble his way through Georgia.

Sunday 1st September from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine.

The Grand Hotel: Angie Strickland does her thing.. The Smiff saves the day.

Last Friday’s session saw Angie Strickland, piss elegant as ever, heading up what was initially a drum less backing band comprising the Unflappable Curtis on the pianoforte and the Texican Kip Dale on his Fender bass. Actually, it all sounded rather good, but the Smiff was cajoled into making an emergency dash across town to steal some drums, and joined for the second set. Bliss! A good sized crowd  ended up with Angie singing better than ever, and Ann “sticks” Smiff drumming better than most.

And a damn good night ensued…

The Princes Of Swing with Annie Smith

Attention all swingers
(musically speaking that is!!!)
You can see and hear
(provided you’re not blind or deaf)

The Princes Of Swing with Annie Smith

 at the Spotted Mallard 314 Sydney Rd Brunswick
Friday Sept. 6th from 7PM

Line up includes:  Annie on vocals , Brett Willis (Reeds) , Brian Paulusz (Guitar) , Rod Evans (double bass), Peter Robb (drums)
Why don’t you duck in some time on Friday 6th and check out this groovy establishment and the Swing.
Cheers, Annie
NB This text was not tested on animals.

Hello BMF subscribers!

As I’m sure some of you may be aware through the grapevine, after 22 years at the helm, John McAuslan has retired from the management of the Brunswick Music Festival.

John’s careful management and artistic direction of the festival is what has made this event such a life-force in the community for so many years, showcasing some of Brunswick’s incredible local talent and creating a renowned platform for national and international performers.

The festival is now under the management and artistic direction of Strut & Fret Production House who will continue in the traditions of the festival to present a program of folk, acoustic and roots music as well as adding their own creative edge.
Applications are now open to all musicians, performers, community groups, local businesses, stall-holders and food vendors to get involved in the Brunswick Music Festival and/or The Sydney Road Street Party.  Applications close 15 Oct 2013. 

PO Box 69, Brunswick VIC 3056, Australia
+61 3 9640 0028

The Chaos Chronicles: Chapter 24

Many readers of the Newsletter will have been concerned that Captain Chaos was booked in to the Alfred recently.

We are able to report that your concerns were much appreciated by the Medical team dealing with CC, and they have all survived the ordeal. As for the Captain, early hopes  that it might have affected his saxophone playing or, indeed,  that he might have forgotten all about Idle Moments were not realised. We will probably have to play the blasted tune again next week.


Sunday 18th August Leinster Arms 150th celebrations

Not the normal jam but heaps of fun. Attended by Jammers Andrew, John, Annie, Doug, Colin, Keith, Sebastian, Roger, Chelly, Ali, Trevor and Anton.
Around 300 people visited throughout the day.and enjoyed the sausage sizzle, wine tasting, cheese tasting, various genres of music, and the usual great Leinster Arms fare.

Guide to Jammin’

How to sing in one easy lesson:

Open the gargle full wide and breathe in through the catskills. Adopt stance of herniated french onion seller and crease the visage with a sternly emotive look. Or just squint at the lights. After letting the band play the intro four times, come in on the 5th beat of the 23rd bar. Screech or howl convincingly (screech is for ballads, howl is for blues) and collect applause, lippy, handbag and someone else’s cheeky little chardonnay on the way out. Repeat ad nauseam (only if latin floats your boat).

How to play the saxaphone in one easy lesson:

Grasp the fernuggle by the snotter, and take a read of the manual. Lick the read so no-one else will pinch it, and spread the fingies evenly over the rattly buttons. If feeling posh, cock the pinky and stand at the front with weight evenly spread over three or four feet. Adjust snotter, check zip and epiglottal your way through 16 bars. Have a beer at every bar and go home sadder but wiser.

How to play bass in one easy lesson:

Lugubrious is the look, as in I play bass, and no-one ever lets me take a solo, and even if they do, the friggin’ bass is no good for soloing anyway. Bass players are to jazz what Eeyore is to Winnie the Pooh.

How to play piano in one easy lesson:

Not tellin’. Too many of them already. Smug bastards generally.

How to play guitar in one easy lesson:

Tweak the twangy and look at the little red lights on the electronic tuner. This ensures you are the only one in tune. Turn volume to at least 12. Run through a coupla bars of Smoke on the Water, All Along the Watchtower, and Stairway to Kevin. More tweak of the twangy then insert ear plugs, adopt Elvis pose and appearance of blissful ignorance, and…smoke ’em!

How to play drums in one easy lesson:

What? What??? Did you say something? WHAT??? I can’t hear you…

How to play accordion in one easy lesson:

This should not be attempted under any circumstances. The definition of a gentleman is someone who owns an accordion but does not play it.

See ya at the jam!

Stan has 3 GIGS!!!!!!!!!

STANDING TALL has not one, but three gigs in the next few weeks. They are:

1.      August 23: Gabri Restaurant and Bar, 45 Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Three sets of music from 7.30pm till 10.30pm. Entry Free. You are offered a fine set menu dinner and drinks.

2.      August 25: B.EAST, 70 Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Two sets of music from 7pm till 9pm. Entry Free. You are offered fine burgers and drinks.

3.      August 31: Brunswick Hotel, 140 Sydney Road, Brunswick. Three sets of music from 5pm till 8pm. Entry Free. You are offered fine drinks.

STANDING TALL plays funky, Latin soul-jazz and comprises: Stan van Hooft, Bass: Simon Atkinson, Drums: Dean Constable, Percussion: Julian Driscoll, Trumpet: Laurie Savage, Saxophones: Sharmila Periakarpan, Flute: and Yassin Eltahir, Guitar.

We do hope to see you at one or two of these gigs. A special award of golden ear plugs will be given to anyone who attends all three.

For details, see us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/#!/SvH.StandingTall