What are the Jammers getting up to, where, when, probably not why, and maybe with whom….

What’s on at The Grand Hotel

The Divine Miss Smythe makes a rare appearance at the Grand Hotel only it is on  Saturday 27th July, as the Hotel is having a Brazilian themed Prawn and Crackers night with exotic Dancers on the Friday. I made this last bit up.  Anyhoo, the aforesaid Diva will be trotting out her unusual jazz standards and schtick, with accomplices Curtis J, Martelli D (drums), and Taylor D, basso profundo. There may be a surprise appearance by Captain Chaos, but this is unlikely, as any appearance by the Captain can hardly be called a surprise any more… if you are going, get there early as we ran out of seats last week…

Ann Smith, The Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer Street and Flinders Street, Saturday 27th July, from 5.30 – 8.30pm.

Next week,  the Grand hosts the irrepressible Ruby Rogers,  taking a break from a very full dance card to get up and boogie the night away. The Riuby Rogers gigs have always been stompin’ little affaires, accompanied as ever by much swinging from the Chandeliers, taking the proverbial out of complete strangers so nicely that they renjoy it, and generally having a good time. Doug Kuhn, Putnamondrum and meself will accompany, and the utterly gorgeous Izumi will be doing her sax thing…

The Castlemaine Jam:  Sunday 4th August  from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine. If you want to score a seat, get there early, the place has been packed out of late.. The featured singer will be a Melbourne based Diva, who has promised to check her calendar and get back to me any day now…

The Leinster Arms 150th Birthday Bash: Il Duce (Glen to those in the know) is throwing an open day, music, Clydesdales, events, barbecues, sly gossip and outrageous exaggeration on Sunday August 18th – there will be a special set by the Melbourne Jazz Jammers Band (always assuming I can find the telephone number) some time in the afternoon. Stay tooned for more info…

Walk right In, jump outta ya skin and dance around in your Bones! And that should still be enough music for anyone…

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