What’s Done and Dusted, What’s Happening, Where, When, With Whom perhaps

Update 18 July 2013

This Friday at the Grand Hotel, Chelly Parisi will be singing, accompanied by Kip Dale (Bass) and Bruce Constable (drums). She don’t know what she in fer – Bruce is the smoothest of the regular drummers, and one of the youngest (well in the top ten anyway). He flies down from Sydney for a session every now and then.  I will be trying to keep up on piano, and I might get the Captain to play a coupla toons. The session is going to be entirely focussed on having a good time with a great rhythm section. I suppose you could turn up if you wanted to. Marg will be there…

Next week sees a return to normality, with the DIVINE MISS SMYTHE, accompanied by Gentleman John Curtis, Danilo (drums) and Dave Taylor (double bass) accompanying. 

Chelly Parisi boogies up The Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Flinders Streets, Friday 19th July, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm

One for your diary: The Leinster Arms is having a 150th Birthday Party, with an open day on Sunday August 18th – there will be all sorts of food, goodies, bands, including possibly the Jammers band (whoever that might be) and the Brewery Clydesdales delivering the beer.   I didn’t know Glen was that old…

The Castlemaine Jam: Every first Sunday of the month from 3.30pm at The Comma, Hargeaves Street, Castlemaine. If you want to score a seat, get there early, the place has been packed out of late.. Singer Meg Corson takes the guest spot at the next one.

Get up and boogie! And that should still be enough music for anyone…

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