The Absolutely Approximate Truth

News from the Leinster

Saturday night saw the inaugural Mood Bar session, with the Ruby Rogers Experience entertaining an ever changing crowd of drinkers, friends, friends who drink, drinkers who became friends and a couple of others; with a three hour set of jazz, and slightly more bluesy material. Avi Ganesan, Putna Mondrum the rhythm section, the Captain contributing the licks and meself on piano trying to keep up.

 A good start, and props to Miss Rogers, who gets better and better: and the next session due in a fortnight. ‘Twill be posted. Marg is going to be there!

 Jam Ordinaire

Another fine Sunday arvo at the Chopper Read Ballroom (and Mood Bar), with cameo performances from Roger De Coverley, somewhat distingué with his chrome black sax and insouciant air – trading licks with Julian the trumpet who resisted the urge to fiddle with the PA several times; and the Captain leading choruses of , well, almost everything he could lay his hands on.

Miss Hayres, lycra-ed to the eyeballs or not as the case may be, sang to some lively accompaniment from Bob, and a succession of guitarists (Kevin, Ben, Tom and Yassin) took turns to twang terrifically until Chelly Parisi took over microphone management with an absolutely magnificent mangling of My Funny Valentine.

So… a goodly crowd saw a thumping good arvo turn to a tuneful evening, with Richard leading the goodnight chorus, as is his wont, until they all faded away, for another week at least.


The Grand Hotel

Tess provided a terrific Friday night session (as promised), Curtis, Van Hooft, Danilo and Captain Chaos the band.

 This week, Amy Jaulin is singing, with Trent on sax, meself (piano), Kip Dale (bass) and possibly Jacopo on drums. Amy has consistently attracted a good crowd, and delivered some lively nights – will she do it again? Only one way to find out. The 3” eyelashes will be batting from 5.30 onwards.

Amy Jaulin sings: Friday 28th June 5.30pm – 8.30pm at The Grand Hotel, cnr Spencer and Flinders Street

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