What Happens When . . .

  • What happens when you put 5 pianists, 5 saxophonists, 3 drummers, 2 bassists, 2 guitarists, 2 vocalists and a very smooth flugal horn together in a pub in Collinwood on a Sunday afternoon?
  • Answer………wall to wall jazz from 4.00 to 8.00.

Top of the bill was the very component Adi Ish on keys hotly, followed by Danilo (not the drummer) who has recently arrived from Italy also on keys. They were well supported by John, Bob and Richard. Jeff, the first of the saxophonists to arrive was soon joined by Trent and Adi. Keith joined in a little later. James kept up the meter until he had to leave at 6pm but fortunately the other Danilo arrived 5 minutes later to drum almost to the end when Glen was able to pull himself away from bar duties for a short play. Stan played bass for the first two hours but also had to leave at 6. Great relief when Anton walked in and took over the playing of the low notes. Yasim and Ben shared on guitar. Soaring over the top of all the noise was the impeccable Julian on flugal. Tess and Debbie provided fine vocal relief.

Marg, Buddy and Ivan made up part of a reasonable size audience.

Jeff and Anton were regular jammers in the Ramage, Glasshouse, La Pena and Royal Standard days. Not so regular now but always great to see them return to the fold.

Another satisfying jam was had by all.

  • What would be the odds of having two musicians with the name Danilo and two with the name Adi at the same jam session on a Sunday afternoon at the Leinster?

Not your usual correspondent

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