The Lunatic Soup Lounge Goes Off Once More, or…

There was a truly amazing jam session at the Leinster last Sunday: lots of people turned up, they played, they sang, they mangled Autumn Leaves and Summertime. The saxaphonists played about 125 choruses of Watermelon Man, and the First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women probably announced the arrival of the horns. Or that was the title of a pamphlet by John Knox (*), I can’t remember which.

Speaking of which, Hortense may have been spotted, dressed, as is her wont, in black and red and lurking wistfully in the nether regions of the back bar, whilst a profoundly inebriated audience danced to the delicate strains of the Captain Chaos Quartet extra 3B Reserves ensemble, with Gay Abandon on the tabletops ’til three in the morning. Sounds like fun, does anyone have Gay’s phone number?

Or not, as the case may be… as I wasn’t there, I cannot honestly say that it did not happen.,

(*)  Actually, Knox could have been describing the average Jam Session: “For who can denie but it repugneth to nature, that the blind shal be appointed to leade and conduct such as do see? That the weake, the sicke, and impotent persones shall norishe and kepe the hole and strong, and finallie, that the foolishe, madde and phrenetike shal gouerne the discrete, and giue counsel to such as be sober of mind?” This was published in 1558, so I expect it refers to the original Dizzy’s sessions, and not us.

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