Jammers play real music: audience now seriously confused

The Lunatic Soup Lounge went mildly well last Sunday. Due to a misunderstanding, the not inconsiderable number of musos that turned up started  well and then got progressively better. I accept that not everyone gets as much pleasure out of a comprehensive cock-up as the more seasoned jammers, but our patience was not rewarded. Even the Captain could not conjure up some chaos, it would seem.

Props then to Julian (flugel) (1) and Sir Roger De Coverley (sax)(2) for a memorable opening competition on I’ll Remember April. (3)

The somewhat debonair Mr Curtis did the tinkly bits for a while, followed by the rather more percussive Jude Russell de Bendigo. We ‘ll glue the notes back on later, but it was fun while it lasted..

Some gentle drumming from Danilo, followed by Jacopo. What is it with Italians and drums?

Sewing Machines: Chelly (the evening’s bop version of My Funny Valentine) and Melinda (murdered Don'[t Go To Strangers, ably assisted by John C) and an experimental bracket from Jude, which was quite fun. Frances got up and, despite the best efforts of the rhythm section, sang briefly and beautifully.

Et ceters: Lots of other people: playing lots of other instruments (Ben, Yassin, Trent, Bob, etc.etc. And probably half a dozen bassists. And a few woolly headed etceteras that I can’t remember. I have tried taking notes, but the other pianists don’t like it.

Anyhoo, all in all a really good session. So the next one will probably be back to normal. Ity normally is.

Explanatory Notes
(1)        Apparently this is a sort of horn, not a treatment for coughs and colds

(2)        I think that is how he spells it, you can never be sure with de Coverley, the cad.

(3)        Which I can never remember.

(4)          (Reserved for futute use?)


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