The Leinster Jam Session: It’s getting out of hand

Now listen, Children, this is for your own good. If you persist in turning up to the Jam session in such large numbers, we will have no alternative but to set up another one, to distract the riff raff. A huge turnout this week, and much good music as a result.

Mr T, again:  Amongst the 25 or so players was yet another standout session from Mr T on the bass. I did ask him whether he was, in fact, on drugs as this was the most likely explanation for his sudden penchant for playing in time, with no small degree of musicality, and making the others sound good. Mr T assured me he was not on drugs, so the only other explanation is that he must have given them up.

Other musos included the Captain, Gentleman John Curtis, Tess (vocals) Amanda (blast from past,  vocals) Deb, Bob, Sam, Elliott, Ben, Yassin, Trent, Keef, BendigoLee (tpt) Robert (tpt) Alex (vocals, first time, great), Matthew (?) tpt, Roger the Clarke,  Tim (saxes), Simon, Andrew, Danilo, James and Iacomo (and have I ever spelt that wrong!) all really good on drums.

Such was the turnout, we have broken a record: the most trumpets at a jam session. We don’t break enough records these days, as I am reminded every time I hear Watermelon Man

Re Paragraph One above

Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you: THE INAUGURAL CASTLEMAINE JAZZ JAM SESSION will be held this Sunday May 5th at the Comma, Hargreaves Street, Castlemaine, 3.30pm start. No, I don’t know where that is either, just ask when you get to Castlemaine – you will find the locals enormously helpful, and at least one of the five sets of directions you are offered will be reasonably accurate.

Ruby Rogers will be putting in a guest appearance, along with meself and a few others.  This is part of the ongoing campaign to set up a Jazz Bash in Castlemaine next year. We are hoping for a few locals to join in. Maybe even Igor from Vladivostok, possibly the coolest Jazz muso on the planet.

Melband: or just Google it, and read the ads under “Musicians Wanted”. We are getting a number of musos from this source at present.

Jack: He doesn’t just play Trombone, you know…
Singing. Every time we hear Jack singing, we can’t help thinking that his singing has never been better. Sadly.

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