The 51st Inaugural Vladivostok Jazz Bash (2014) and other nonsense

 The proposed event above has been relocated, possibly to Castlemaine, due to bad weather. The Captain has scouted a couple of ace venues in the ancient burgh of Castlemaine, famous for its, well I am not sure what, really. Great assistance from John Hannah was much appreciated, and things are moving along nicely. So we didn’t have to send the Captain to Vladivostok after all, although, of course, the temptation remains, particularly when he starts playing Killer Joe or Footprints.

 What’s on at the Grand Hotel?

 This week, the slightly glamorous Chelly Parisi will be trotting out a mix of swing, show tunes, ballads and some funky little numbers; accompanied by Avi Ganesan on bass, Andrew Putnam on drums, meself on drugs, and Julian “put that light out” Driscoll keeping us all in good order. Ace night coming up!

Friday 19th April, from 5.30pm at the Grand Hotel, corner of Spencer and Flinders Streets

 What’s Up With Jack

You may have heard that Jack Morris got run over by a four wheel drive, and has had to have a hip replacement. That is just a rumour, the truth is, he was playing Footprints or Killer Joe at the time: I would think that would constitute a complete defence for the bloke in the Nissan Pathfinder or whatever it was. Sadly, the trombone came out unscathed. There is no justice in the world any more, is there… get well soon Jack!

The Leinster Jam Session

…was rather busy again this week – Captain Chaos in fine form as ever.

 Highlights (for me, anyway) were Mr Taariq playing some great bass – not too loud, right on the chord all the time. I think he must have been on performance enhancing substances, although he didn’t answer to James, Hird or Coach so maybe not. Great set, Mr T

 Followed by Andy Moon, who was just as good, and so he should be because he can actually read those little dots they put over the chords to confuse the rest of us, and he sits in with a dead posh band when not playing at the jams.

Oh, and Chelly and Tess sang some great ballads – I really enjoyed sitting back and being entertained. John Curtis, Ali, Julian, James (drums), Andrew (drums), Danilo (DRUMS) and a few others provided the candles on the cake.

 Around fifteen musos provided a class performance all arvo. Stop it at once, it sets a dangerous precedent.

Ya wouldn’t be dead fer quids…

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