Jazz at the Leinster

From a very slow start on a “Ted free day” the Leinster Arms developed into a full on, very entertaining jam session.

The early regulars, John Curtis (keys), Bob Vinard (keys), Stan Van Hoof (bass), Julian Driscol (trumpet), Glen (drums) and yours truly (tenor)  were later joined by Tariq (guitar and bass), Ben (guitar) Peter (ex Tasmania ..drums) Simon (drums), Ray Hood (guitar), Tim (Tenor and Alto), Jasim (guitar), Trevor (harp), Yasims’s mate (very classy alto), Marion (recorder and keys), Keith (clarinet) and Izumi (alto). When we thought we were fully covered at 6.30 in walked Anthony Pell with his double bass. Vocals were beautifully executed by Tess (ex Sydney), Leisa and Debbie. Ray Hood chipped in with a  creditable vocal on Corcovado.

One notable train wreck (not a Leinster session if we don’t have at least one): the 3/4 Valse Hot by Sonny Rollins. Not called by the Captain this time but will be worked on to resurrect in the future. (be warned).

Not your normal correspondent.

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