Nope, there was no jam session last Sunday – or at least, if there was a jam session, a lot of us didn’t turn up. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that Hortense was there, doing a bit of background yearning; although if she was, I doubt you would have seen her. Miss H is properly inscrutable these days, even if rumour has it she was quite scrutable in her youth. Ask Rotten Ronnie Junior if you don’t believe me.

So… a Sunday Arvo of superlatives: no bum notes, the drums were never too loud, no-one dropped a bar, all of the Captain’s Fours went according to plan, the beer was free and everyone clapped every time a guitarist soloed. Really quite remarkable, so we won’t do that again.

This coming Sunday (7th April) should see the Gold Street Gossip Shop almost deserted, as it is traditional for no one to turn up the week after we have had a break. If you do turn up, feel free to sit in for as many songs as you like, or three choruses of Footprints, which would probably seem like it lasted longer anyway.


Well, not really an update – we are hoping to meet with some Castlemaine venue operators in the next couple of weeks, courtesy of some fine legwork by Gwyn and John Hanna: with a view to seeing if we can form a fest around one particular venue in Castlemaine. Seasoned jammers may remember we went up there a couple of years ago, and rocked the tits off a white piano equipped bar for Gwyn’s birthday. Turns out she has one of these every year (who’d have thought?), so we might even do it again. Different venue.


Friday 5th April sees a double bill at the Grand – Kay “Crocodile Hunter” Young, back from the NT, and the equally ridiculously talented but slightly more Japanese Risa Khodani. For extra laughs, we have thrown Stuart Prentice in for Double Bass playing duties, but neglected to tell him about Risa’s penchant for singing obscure Japanese nursery rhymes at breakneck speed. The rest of us will be peaking on a variety of stimulant narcotics by that stage (or not as the case may be) in an attempt to keep up. Ben Stewart on guitar, the Captain taking over when it all gets out of hand.

Should be a good night.

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