The Sunday Arvo Jazz Bash does it again

Wandered in to find Felix playing guitar solos to backing tracks, the Captain looking either confused, sheepish or both, and the prospect of a fairly average arvo. 

Not so as it turned out: I have a sneaking suspicion the Captain pulled some complex charts with the aim of getting Felix to shut the ### up. Which he sort of did, then realised that he was going to have to play tunes he didn’t know as well as his backing tracks, and actually got right out of his comfort zone and did alright. Most of the time. Props to Felix!

 Actually, double props, because he then got the singer from his regular band to get up and belt out a number, which was really quite good fun. Meanwhile back at the ranch, or wherever we were, a few more musos turned up, joined by a few more musos, Bettina back to win the worst chart of the year so far award (but don’t worry, we will fix it for you if you want) Shelly in particular singing up a storm, and well, you get the picture – off and flying for a great afternoon of music, ballad mangling, trumpeteering, saxwaggling, Glendrumming, bassography, malicious gossip, and the occasional refreshment. Didn’t finish until near 8.00pm, which I am only prepared to recognise as being marginally nearer my bedtime than breakfast.

 I think I just broke autocorrect on my computer. Oh well, see ya next week.

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