Jazz on the Web

Three ways of getting free music discussed – Sky.FM and Jazzonthe Tube have been covered before, but Pandora is a relative new comer, and probably the pick of them.

This is a streaming service with a difference – you get to create your own “radio station” and then give each track the thumbs up or the thumbs down – the more you do it, the more refined will the selections of music become. I particularly like tracking down the potted bio’s with each artist. Just type Pandora into Google and you will find the site. Advertisement free.

Pro’s: Good selection of music, clever approach to fine tuning your selections. You can set up several different stations, then pick your music depending on your mood.

Con’s: theoretically, you could refine the selection of music to the point where you never hear anything new.

Sky.FM A wide range of preset channels – I tend to stick with Piano Jazz, and whilst every fourth track seems to be Erroll Garner, there is a lot of interesting stuff I have never heard before.

Pro’s Seems to use up less bandwidth than Pandora and will run in the background of most programmes
Con’s Annoying ads every so often asking you to upgrade to Premium

http://www.JazzontheTube.com This one sends a Youtube clip to your e-mail every day. So you get to delete the ones you don’t want, play the others mostly once, and store a few so that you can click on them again only to discover that they have been taken off Youtube…

Pros: Actually some really good material every now and then, and the video, whilst generally scratchy, is kinda fun.
Cons: Gunks up your mailbox a bit.

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