From Gustavo – Great GIG Tonight

Hello guys !!
I hope the beginning of the year is been good to you !
I’m excited to announce our 1st gig in a new Latin place in Fitzroy.  After our greatly missed Cruzao Arepa bar closed, we didn’t have a “cool” place to go and see the the Latin bands and hang out; but now, there’s a new restaurant & music lounge where some bands have been playing recently. It’s called LATIN PASSION. 406 Brunswick st. Fitzroy.
It’s going to be our first gig there and we would really love to see you  this time, giving us your support and enjoy the great energy of “SIN FRONTERA BAND” music, plus you’ll be able to enjoy the food & drinks.
Support the local, live music scene in Melbourne and it will grow for us to enjoy for years! It would be very appreciated.
All the best,
Gustavo !
Here’s the link in case you want to know more about the event for tonight with “SIN FRONTERA BAND”.

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