The Sunday Arvo Jam Session: A Tad Average, Perhaps

One would like to say that it was deathly quiet at the Gold Street Gossip shop last Sunday, but one would not. As jam sessions go, this one took a long time to warm up, and was barely hitting its straps by bed time – although enlivened somewhat by the late arrival of Alex (sax) and his mates (cant-remember-their-names). 

Whatever, a bit of average is good for the soul, from time to time, and there were a few nuggety little gems in there. One of which could have been first time singer Sussanne, who has promised to return. As did General Macarthur, only Sussane was a better singer. A cameo appearance by Miss Hayres, who may have been so traumatised by the accompaniment  that she left after one song. Chelly on hand to lift the tone, Julian trying in vain to get St Thomas going with less than three different rhythms, Mr PC slaughtered mercilessly in an attempt to confuse the remarkably good first time pianist whose name might be Tim, or Mark, or — it was all harmlessly entertaining and much within the traditions of the jazz jams, where the cunning deployment of incompetence invariably triumphs against musical skill, and creativity is seen as finding a new way to make the same mistake again…. 

I am starting to enjoy these sessions rather a lot…

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