Hi Jammers – from Charlotte

How are you?! I don’t know if you remember me, Charlotte, I used to be a big frequenter of the jazz jams until uni life kind of took over and left me with exactly zero free time! I still love reading the newsletters and catching up on what everyone is doing, though – and try to make it to the gigs you list when I can!

I’m e-mailing with a little bit of news that I thought, if there’s room, you might be able to put into the newsletter? I’ve been pretty busy the last year “finding myself” and figuring out what I want to do musically – and have finally launched and been working on what is probably my proudest creative project to date. It’s a jazz influenced pop band made up of me and a few other young jazz musicians who have been wanting to explore other ways of performing music. It’s called “Charlotte Nicdao and The Sloth Orchestra”. We’ve been having a whole heap of fun playing all original music that I’ve been writing, and had a pretty successful few months (we reached the top of the triple j unearthed pop charts, have played venues from the Wesley Anne, to the 303, to the Northcote Social club, and had the chance to support some pretty amazing other bands). We’re now looking to record an EP which is what I’m writing to you about!

Being young musicians (or musicians of any age for that matter!) our resources for funding such a recording are exactly ZERO. As such – we have decided to launch a “crowd funding” campaign. Basically this means, that if anybody thinks our project is worth supporting they can pledge any amount from $1 upwards to helping us reach the amount we’d need to record an EP. Essentially – you can buy the EP for $10 in advance, which means we’d actually have the money to make it and you get it as soon as it’s done. We’ve been getting in contact with different people and groups we think would want to support a project like this – and I was just chatting to my friend Max (you might remember him from the jams too!) and we both thought of you guys! If you’re able to put it in the newsletter it would be absolutely amazing, I can’t tell you how much it would help us with getting the idea of the project out there!

Thanks for reading this big ol’ rant! And hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Charlotte xx

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