Sat 22nd at the Grand

All Jammers are welcome to the after party jam at the Grand Hotel this Saturday (tomorrow).

Risa will be doing a set and after that there will be a short jam session and some time to celebrate what has been a very successful residency. This will conclude the year’s proceedings before hopefully resuming in the New Year.


Hi Jammers – from Charlotte

How are you?! I don’t know if you remember me, Charlotte, I used to be a big frequenter of the jazz jams until uni life kind of took over and left me with exactly zero free time! I still love reading the newsletters and catching up on what everyone is doing, though – and try to make it to the gigs you list when I can!

I’m e-mailing with a little bit of news that I thought, if there’s room, you might be able to put into the newsletter? I’ve been pretty busy the last year “finding myself” and figuring out what I want to do musically – and have finally launched and been working on what is probably my proudest creative project to date. It’s a jazz influenced pop band made up of me and a few other young jazz musicians who have been wanting to explore other ways of performing music. It’s called “Charlotte Nicdao and The Sloth Orchestra”. We’ve been having a whole heap of fun playing all original music that I’ve been writing, and had a pretty successful few months (we reached the top of the triple j unearthed pop charts, have played venues from the Wesley Anne, to the 303, to the Northcote Social club, and had the chance to support some pretty amazing other bands). We’re now looking to record an EP which is what I’m writing to you about!

Being young musicians (or musicians of any age for that matter!) our resources for funding such a recording are exactly ZERO. As such – we have decided to launch a “crowd funding” campaign. Basically this means, that if anybody thinks our project is worth supporting they can pledge any amount from $1 upwards to helping us reach the amount we’d need to record an EP. Essentially – you can buy the EP for $10 in advance, which means we’d actually have the money to make it and you get it as soon as it’s done. We’ve been getting in contact with different people and groups we think would want to support a project like this – and I was just chatting to my friend Max (you might remember him from the jams too!) and we both thought of you guys! If you’re able to put it in the newsletter it would be absolutely amazing, I can’t tell you how much it would help us with getting the idea of the project out there!

Thanks for reading this big ol’ rant! And hope to hear from you soon 🙂

Charlotte xx

From Gustavo

Hello everyone !!!!
For all those who live or are coming to the South side of the city this Friday 14 Dec; I’d like to invite you to see “SIN FRONTERA BAND” playing at THE CITY TILER 115 Bay st / Port Melbourne. 8pm
It’s free! and besides enjoying the great music ( with our recent line up ) you’ll find amazing food, drinks & great atmosphere.
Musicians from Colombia ,Cuba,Mexico & Chile ,will perform an energetic and varied repertoire which I promise, you will love !
thanks !!!!!!!!!! and have a great rest of the week.

Another fine day at the Gold Street Palais de Doowop

… last refuge of distressed gentlefolk, Collingwood tragics, poets, politicians, retired gangsters and the mildly medicated and dissolute. But not, thankfully, of real musicians. We wouldn’t want to destroy the traditions of the 423 years or whatever since Marg last heard some decent music.

Or, as the Oscar Beetroot Band once put it, if it ain’t in C#minor, don’t fix it…

But I digress. Once again, a peaceful Sunday afternoon reduced to a smouldering heap by the combined talents of the Captain, Adam the Bass, Danilo and Tom (drums), meself, Bob, Richard and Shaun on keys, a bevy of singers mainly called Chelly , debutante Lucy, and Kay,  Peter on sax and a whole bunch of others whose modesty is so admirable that I am unable to name them (including Jack). Oh, and the whole shebang upped a considerable notch by Julian on trumpet. Someone really must tell the lad that we honestly don’t know what we are doing, but it is kind of fun to have someone of his calibre playing at a tempo that is beyond us, and then looking puzzled when we can’t keep up.

Not much news to report from Refinery Terrace, Altona West. The silly season creeps apace down those littered and windswept streets; and Marge from Altona is so keenly anticipating the arrival of Santa down her chimney, that she no longer leaves the house, having fortified herself with a catering pack of Horizon 50’s and several bottles of the Altona West Country Women’s Association Jubilee port, which has been laid down for many years and is now maturing nicely. Hortense, who hasn’t been laid down for many years, should be so lucky. Which leads me to conclude that whilst there are lessons to be learned from the mid 19 Century Balkan conflicts, none of them apply in this case.

Next Sunday (that will probably be yesterday by the time you get this drivel) there may be a foregathering of Jammers for lunch at the Lunatic Soup Lounge (Atrium department) and no one is invited. You just have to turn up…

See ya there?