28 Musicians turn up to Jam Session: Appalling racket ensues. Only Played Summertime once…

Well, these days, it is hardly news, is it? Pleasant little excursion up Punt Road, Bob on the reminisce and all is well with the world.. strolled into the Gold Street Sheltered Workshop to find the first stanza under way, Melinda laying down the beats, the Captain soloing, some dude playing flugelhorn in between being disgruntled at this that and the other. When gruntled, he played rather well…. All sorts of people turned up as the Arvo wore on – the sublime Sarah taking several years off Todd’s piano playing career by accidentally exposing him to the full horror of a dysfunctional jam session band, with its choice of tempos and arrangements, and guitar backing laid over rather than under everything… Poor Todd, visibly shaken, retired to the back bar to recover, which he did with the aid of strong drink and sympathy – after we cleared out the backing band they cooked up a storm later on. 

Which should have been the highlight of the Arvo, only Agus came along and conjured up a rippin’ version of So What, well accompanied by Adam (bass) Denis (drums) and the Captain in fine form. 

Which should have been the highlight of the Arvo, only Professor Stan took the honours for  the afternoon by swinging his bass beautifully, with Ben on guitar setting  a solid rhythm section. I think there must be something in the water in Wangaratta… 

Which should have been the highlight of the afternoon, and , for me , was.. 

All of which means, I am not going to mention Kay, Gentleman John C, is Don is good, Jack the Invisible, Sam on mini sax, happy Trevor, POCKOTL, Scott, Rusty Pete etc etc. Consider yourselves all unmentioned, and in some cases, unmentionable. 

But that is another story. Ya wouldn’t be dead for quids.


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