‘Jazz Notes’ – Brunswick and Marysville

While the Captain was holidaying with Hortense in Wangaratta, we had our last Sunday at Bar Oussou.

At the last minute, our line-up changed: Juliane was unwell! Fortunately, Chelly Parisi and Marge Hamilton stepped up, giving us an exciting finish to our season at Bar Oussou:

Marge Hamilton & Chelly Parisi (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaze (guitar)
Andrew Eames (bass)
Allan Smith (drums)

On Monday, we headed up to Lake Mountain, playing the Gala Dinner at the awards for the best sparkling wines in Australia. A gourmet dinner for 150 guests with the best sparkling wines – it was quite a night! For the first time, I was asked to turn DOWN the guitar!

Juliane Pasternak (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaze (guitar)
Andrew Eames (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

There are some pics at: http://www.jazznotes.net.au .
Over the next few weeks, we’ll consolidate and expand our repertoire. But, if you hear of anyone who might like to engage a band, we’re available!

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